Review: Harley Quinn #63

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Otto Schmidt
Letterer: Dave Sharpe 
Review by Philip Clark


"Death Becomes Harley" - Harley Quinn #63 continues the story of Harley’s mother's ongoing battle with cancer. Quinn has been dealing with this in the background over the last eight instalments. This issue it's front and centre, so much so that the trials that Harley's currently undergoing fall into the background. They are continuing though, and it seems that the next one is set to be Harley’s biggest challenge yet!


This is definitely the best issue of Harley Quinn I've ever had the pleasure of reading. From the very start you feel for Harley and what she’s going through with her mum. The way their relationship is written is absolutely brilliant. Harley’s mum is trying to remain strong for her daughter, and vice versa.
There's a particular panel, that has no words or speech, but is still the most powerful image in the issue. I would honestly recommend picking up this comic for that one scene alone.
Then there’s the twist! Oh man, what a shocker! I’m not going to spoil anything for you guys. But please, please, pleaaaase go out and pick this issue up. Humphries and Schmidt have done an incredible job.


I have none. Absolutely no negatives to bring up here. Even the lack of Tina wasn’t a disaster, in fact I barely noticed... and I love me some Tina!


I cannot stress enough that you really need to get out and pick this issue up. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not read any of what's gone before.
Being taken on this ride with Harley has been an experience. I love that Humphries uses the trials of Harley Quinn as a narrative beat for what Harley is dealing with. Otto Schmidt has also also does some fantastic work. I mean look at the detail in his gorgeous pages!
An incredible issue by the creative team, that gets me excited for the next one. 
Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment
(A version of this review originally appeared on the DC Comics News website on July 6th 2019)


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