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Review: Catwoman #6

“Copycats” – Finale
Writer: Joëlle Jones Artists: Joëlle Jones & Laura Allred Review by Adam Ray

This ongoing series started with Selina’s departure from Gotham City and the Dark Knight. She left Batman out of love, so we found her sad and alone, at the beginning of this series. The ongoing story then led her to deal with the a corrupt politician, and her effects on the people. This issue in particular contains many unique choices in form and style. Jones keeps this up with strong choices of characters and how they interact. Some series end with a strong dramatic moment, and a great deal of action. This one does too, but in a much more nuanced fashion.

Review: Teen Titans #25

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers] Writer: Adam Glass Artists: Robson Rocha & Daniel Henriques (Main story) Max Dunbar (Roundhouse Backup story) Colors: Sunny Gho (Main story) Ivan Plascencia (Roundhouse Backup story) Letters: Rob Leigh Review by Steve J. Ray Summary“THE GIRL WHO FEEL FROM THE SKY” and “THE SAME OLD GROUND.” Yes, that’s right folks, Teen Titans #25 is an “Extra-Sized Anniversary Issue” with two stories, both of which I absolutely loved. When the creative teams changed after issue #19, I was left questioning so much about this series. The huge bonkers Dark Nights: Metal event changed the landscape of DC Comics, and this series was one the ones most affected. Writer Adam Glass changed the team, not just by adding new members, but by completely altering the feel and atmosphere of the book. At first I didn’t think I was going to like the new direction, and in a way I was right; I don’t like the Teen Titans series any more… … I absolutely love it. PositivesWow,…

Review: Nightwing #55

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers] Writers: Scott Lobdell & Fabian Nicieza Artists: Chris Mooneyham & Garry Brown Colors: Hi-Fi Letters: Andworld Design Review by Steve J. Ray  Summary“KNIGHT TERRORS”: PART SIX. Jonathan Crane has been psycho-analyzing Ric Grayson, completely oblivious to the fact that the young man is the focus of his own decades long obsession. As Robin, then later as Nightwing, the former Dick Grayson’s lack of fear was the one thing that terrified Crane himself. In his guise as Scarecrow the psychologist turned psychopath decided to alter his fear-gas, so instead of creating terror it would now remove it. This causes the citizens of Bludhaven to act out their darkest desires without fear of the consequences. PositivesWriters Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza have not only managed to turn Nightwing’s life upside down, but by having our hero become not just Scarecrow’s enemy but also his inspiration, they’ve set the villain’s world topsy-turvy too! I’…

Review: Batman: Kings Of Fear #5

Writer: Scott Peterson Artists: Kelley Jones & Michelle Madsen Review by Steve J. Ray

Have you ever wondered about your place in the world? Will your life have any lasting effect on people? Will you be remembered when you’re gone? Has your presence on this Earth affected the world in any way that’s meaningful? Most people live their lives trying to please themselves, or those closest to them. Batman isn’t most people. Over the course of the last couple of issues The Scarecrow has been trying to break Batman down in the scariest and most hurtful way possible. The Dark Knight has given his life to helping others, but what if that was the wrong course of action? How has the world benefited from Batman’s struggle? Has he made a difference at all? What if all he’s done has just made things worse? What if Gotham City would have been a far better place if he’d never existed at all? Wow. Deep stuff… and all from the glossy pages of a comic-book. Yet this issue isn’t just existential…

Fan Retrospectives: 'Batman: The Long Halloween' #3

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Tim Sale

Review by Eric Lee

It's Christmas and Batman and the Joker are both hunting for Holiday.
First off, check out the cover. The way artist Tim Sale makes it primarily white draws the readers' eyes to the Joker and the presents. The white also implies snow, since it is a Christmas issue. Finally, check out that Bat-symbol wrapping paper. So cool.

Joker for the Holidays

The issue opens with the Joker reading the newspaper about the Holiday killings. The paper displays shockingly graphic pictures, while the Joker sings Christmas carols, until he declares, "I hate that song."
That's not surprising, because the Joker is not singing any particular song. He went from Happy Holidays to Living in a Winter Wonderland. The Joker proceeds to gather the presents and leaves a tied up family in their house, while quoting The Grinch.

Sale uses the backgrounds tell a subtle story of how the Joker came into the house. We can see that it goes from the Joker …

Review: Harley Quinn #56

Writer: Mark Russell Artist: Mirka Andoflo Colors: Arif Prianto Letters: Dave Sharpe Review by Philip Clark Summary “Pettergate” is one of the worst issues of Harley Quinn I’ve read. It’s Harley back at her silliest, which is a real let down after the last few stellar comics. In what I can only hope is a one off, Harley tries to sell a whole bunch of cats so that her allergies can clear up. There is however, some competition. In what seems like a collection of jump cuts, Harley finds herself having to fend off an angry mob! The cats come to her rescue however, and up defeating the gang. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. Positives The art in this issue is probably it’s one saving grace. Harley Quinn has always had a cartoony art style to it, and that lends itself really well to the story arch of this issue. Mirka Andolfo does an excellent job with the dynamic, fast-paced action in the pages of this issue. Negatives I found this issue disappointing. The comic was on a high with what Sam Humphri…