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Exclusive Interview: Bryan Hill, Writer Of ‘Batman And The Outsiders’, ‘Detective Comics’ And ‘Titans’ TV Show

Interview by Steve J. Ray, with thanks to Alex McDonald Bryan Hill (sometimes credited as Bryan Edward Hill) is an author, screenwriter, musician, graphic designer, as well as being an entertainment industry consultant and a prolific comic book writer. He’s worked for Top Cow on Witchblade and Postal, has written numerous screenplays; including episodes for Bruce Campbell’s cult classic horror/comedy series Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and Titans for the DC Universe streaming service. He is also currently writing Killmonger for Marvel and the all new title American Carnage for DC Comics. Fellow critics and writers here at Dark Knight News, and our sister site DC Comics News, review his work on the brilliant Wildstorm: Michael CrayAmerican Carnage and his outstanding five issue run on Detective Comics. The latter story arc has laid the foundations for a brand new Batman And The Outsiders title which will hit shelves in early 2019. Mr. Hill and I have been conversing online for a few months, largel…

Review: Doomsday Clock #8

“Save Humanity”
Writer: Geoff Johns Artists: Gary Frank & Brad Anderson Review by Steve J. Ray

Russia and the United States of America are on the verge of war. Are metahumans being manufactured as part of a new arms race? Doctor Manhattan has been manipulating the history and timelines of the DC Universe, causing Ozymandias and the new Rorschach to leave their Earth to go and find him. Do Earth’s heroes know the truth? Can Superman save humanity? Should he even get involved? This series is asking some very hard questions. Geoff Johns has always been a divisive writer. I have been a fan of the majority of what he’s done for DC Comics, but not everything. I’ve gone on record in the past, saying that Watchmen should have been left alone, and never be given a sequel. When I first heard that Johns would be doing just that, I was shocked. Eight issues into the milestone series and I’m still shocked… at just how damn good it is.

Review: Nightwing #54

Writers: Scott Lobdell & Fabian Nicieza Artists: Garry Brown & Will Conrad Colors: Nick Filardi Letters: Andworld Design Review by Steve J. Ray  Summary“KNIGHT TERRORS”: PART FIVE. In my review for Nightwing #53 I mentioned the fact that we’ve gone from not seeing our hero at all, to having four Nightwings appearing to protect Bludhaven. This time around I’m getting a whole different kind of déjà vu. I’m extremely fortunate in that I get to review some amazing comics for some incredible websites. One of the titles I’ve been assigned is the wonderful Batman: Kings Of Fear. Currently in that series Jonathan Crane – A.K.A. The Scarecrow – is currently psycho-analyzing The Batman. In this issue we see the same villain using his head-shrinking talents on none other than Ric Grayson. Now, in the hands of some writers this could prove both problematic, and annoying. Suddenly we’re seeing Crane as a psychiatrist instead of a super-villain in two unconnected titles… at the same time? What is…

Review: Harley Quinn #55

Writer:Sam Humphries Artist: John Timms Colors: Alex Sinclair Letters: Dave Sharpe Review by Philip Clark Summary “We’ll All Be Home For Christmas!” This is an excellent one off story that pits Harley against her biggest threat yet. Her family at Christmas! The chaos that ensues in this issue is something that most families can relate to, especially around the holidays. Positives I mean, just wow. I take my hat off to the creative team behind this issue. This has got to be the best issue of Harley Quinn I have ever read, and could even be one the best comics I’ve read in the last few months. I am genuinely in love with this series right now. It is one that I have seen grow over the last couple of months. Humphries is doing wonderful things with Harley Quinn. All of the characters and plot lines that the writer has introduced have fit so well into the comic. What I mean by that is, sometimes characters get introduced and they don’t really fit the vibe of the comic. That’s not the case with Harl…