Who is Fantastic Universes?

Steve J. Ray
Owner, Publisher, Editor-In-Chief. Writer, and reviewer.
Dad/husband/writer/artist. Geekus Maximus. Comic book historian, lover of sci-fi, fantasy books, graphic novels, movies and music. Animal lover, amateur chef and family man.

My wife thinks that I own way too many comics, books, and movies...

I think this is an oxymoron.

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Adam Ray
Assistant Editor, Tabletop and RPG
Specialist. Writer, and reviewer.

My mind lives in either an unfolding
game, or unwinding narrative,
because, Let's face it... Earth is

I believe in the strange, the
and in anyone with a
love for anything.

Believe in the Rescue Whale, and
Rescue Whale will believe in YOU.

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Fay Clark
Books Specialist.
Writer, and reviewer.
Hello. I am Fay,otherwise known as
the crazy book lady.

I have an entire
 bookcase of things
that I haven't read yet, and that I
keep adding to.


My reading genres aren't specific,
I'll read pretty much anything, as
long as it's good.

Yes, graphic novels and manga do
count towards my reading goal for
the year.

I read way too much, when I should
probably be writing reviews instead.

I am far more emotionally attached to
animals and fictional characters than
to some of the humans that I know
in real...

Oh, I'm sorry!

I got distracted by a book.

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Philip Clark
Online Content and Video Games
Specialist. Writer and reviewer.

Young, budding writer that has too
many ideas.

Comic crazy, film fanatic, dungeon
diver, dragon destroyer, and video
game venturer.

Seven times down, eight times up

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Max Byrne
Comics, TV, Movies Specialist. Writer
and Reviewer.

Full time dreamer; much prefer the
comic book world to the real world. DC,
Marvel, classic rock/metal, TV and
movies. Obsessed with it all. Love
making lists in my head that make
perfect sense to me and only me!

Prefer animals to (most) people and
believe that the perfect state of bliss
is feet up on the couch with a
captivating trade paperback

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James Stone

Podcast Specialist. Writer, reviewer
and sound editor.

People often tell me to grow up. I tell them I
already have. I just happen 
to be an adult
who likes reading comic books, watching
cartoons and 
playing video games.

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John Hammond

Comic Book reader, Movie watcher, TV show
viewer and classic rock 
music listener.

Northern Irishman (minus the accent) with a love
(almost) all things geeky (James Bond counts,

My wife, bless her soul for putting up with me,
likes to tell me I’ve never 
grown up and she
loves me that way. 
My kids, and now my
keep me young at heart.

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Kendra Hale
Story lover in any and every aspect. If a story is able to touch her then she's willing to listen to the tale the story spinner brings her. Gaining her interest is easy... keeping it is a tad harder. She's a Devourer of words, and has a keen eye for the beauty in all forms of art. Writer for several sites and blogs that touch on all mediums. Loves animals of all shapes and sizes. Follow me! Twitter Instagram

Ed Hale
Comic lover and collector. Gamer, husband, father, action figure collector. Star Wars fan, and all round nerd.
I have been, and always shall be, a nerd.

I've been reading and collecting comics as long as I can remember.

I have the most amazing wife and kids, who all share my nerdiness, in one way shape or form.

Tony Farina

Tony Farina is a husband and father who writes short stories and novels. He also reviews comic books and audio books, is a podcast host, a song writer and a college professor. Follow him on Twitter. Or find him online.

Brad Filicky

Podcaster, writer and reviewer.

I’ve been a pop culture junkie since finding a GI Joe action figure in the fall leaves in 1982
(it was Short Fuse if you’re curious). I’m a lover of all things Stephen King, DC, Marvel,
Star Wars etc. I go crazy if I don’t have something to watch or read at my fingertips. Discussing various fandoms is one of my favorite things!

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Dave Horrocks

Father, Podcaster, Lover of Comics, Movies and TV and all-round Pop-culture junkie.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction, fantasy stories, and iconography. My main staples growing up in the 80’s were Star Wars, the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and of course, the Hulk TV series. My early gateway to comics tended to be more the Beano and Dandy, but I was always drawn more to the interesting and colorful superheroes imported from America. 

Back in those days, it was a bit hit a miss which comics the local newsagents would get in, and so I had a bit of a buffet approach to what I’d pick up with the bit of pocket money I had. I have vague memories of picking up Spider-Man, Spider-Ham, Hulk, and some Justice League. I remember thinking that Firestorm was just about the coolest superhero I’d ever seen back then!

This buffet approach changed for me in 1986 when I was drawn to an Art Adams cover which popped off the shelf. It was Classic X-Men #1, a reprint of Giant-Size X-Men #1. From there I was hooked. First onto the Chris Claremont X-Men world, then the wider Marvel universe, and to a lesser extent the DC universe.

I did take a break from comics in the 1990s for a number of reasons, but came back in the mid-2000s. I haven’t looked back since.

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Scott Hamilton
Music Specialist. Blogger, writer,
I appear at first
glance to 
be what Santa would
look like if he 
was a biker.
Residing in the North (but South of
the wall), I've been a music, film and
comics geek for years.

I play a mean (i.e .average) guitar
and bake a mean (i.e. hot as hell)
chilli cheese scone.

I also write openly about my and
others' dealings with mental health:

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Seb Clements
Professional dad and very amateur
have-a-go-hero at anything else.
I love telling my kids stories and
letting their imaginations go wild.

My beautiful wife puts up with me
putting on a cloak for our Lord of
the Rings chess sessions (no
euphemism)! Currently releasing
a series of stories I wrote for my
children into the big wide world.

Tales of Kevrennow on:
Twitter and

Jim Bennett
I love everything DC comics,
especially Superman and Nightwing.
A huge Star Wars lover, Lego builder
and serial podcaster, father of two
actual children and one cat. 

The rest of my life is inspired by the
movies I love, Aliens (my cat's
named Ripley), The Big Lebowski
(the resemblance isn't an 
Superman The Movie (my eldest son
is named Reeve) and others too
numerous to mention!

I'm Jim and I'm a massive geek,
which makes me happy 😊

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Sam McTernan
I'm a Scottish artist and writer based in Edinburgh.
I've been a Batman and comics fan for as long as
I can remember. This is a passion thankfully shared
by my children.

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Eric Lee
Comics Round-Table Interview
Specialist. Writer, and reviewer.

Hi! I'm a part-time comic book
journalist at Fantastic Universes
and Dark Knight News, a writer,
and cartoonist. I'm also a giant
fan of Disney, comic books,
and Star Wars. If you don't
believe that Spider-Man is
the best comic-book
character ever, I will fight you!

Check out my art:

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Steven Conroy
Comics and Podcast Specialist.
Writer and reviewer.

Ultimate Superman fan and comics


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Gary Tahmasbi
Horror Specialist. Writer, and reviewer.

I'm scary.

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