Who is Fantastic Universes?

Steve J. Ray
Owner, Publisher, Editor-In-Chief. Writer, and reviewer

Dad/husband/writer/artist. Geekus Maximus. Comic book historian, lover of sci-fi, fantasy books, graphic novels, movies and music. Animal lover, amateur chef and family man. My wife thinks that I own way too many comics, books, and movies.

I think this is an oxymoron.

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Adam Ray
Assistant Editor, Tabletop and RPG Specialist. Writer, and reviewer.

My mind lives in either an unfolding game, or unwinding narrative,
because, Let's face it... Earth is boring.

I believe in the strange, the wonderful, and in anyone with a strong
love for anything.

Believe in the Rescue Whale, and the Rescue Whale will believe in YOU.

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Fay Clark
Books Specialist. Writer, and reviewer.
Hello. I am Fay,otherwise known as the crazy book lady.

I have an entire
 bookcase of things that I haven't readyet, and that I keep
adding to.


My reading genres aren't specific, I'll read pretty much 
anything, as long
as it's good.

Yes, graphic novels and manga do count towards my reading goal for the

I read way too much, when I should probably be writing reviews instead.
I am far more emotionally attached to animals and fictional characters
than to some of the humans that I know in real life...

Oh, I'm sorry!

I got distracted by a book.

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Philip Clark
Online Content and Video Games Specialist. Writer and reviewer.

Young, budding writer that has too many ideas.

Comic crazy, film fanatic, dungeon diver, dragon destroyer, and video
game venturer.

Seven times down, eight times up

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Max Byrne
Comics, TV, Movies Specialist. Writer and Reviewer.

Full time dreamer; much prefer the comic book world to the real world. DC, Marvel, classic rock/metal, TV and movies. Obsessed with it all. Love making lists in my head that make perfect sense to me and only me! Prefer animals to (most) people and believe that the perfect state of bliss is feet up on the couch with a captivating trade paperback

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James Stone

Podcast Specialist. Writer, reviewer and sound editor.

People often tell me to grow up. I tell them I already have. I just happen to be an adult who likes reading comic books, watching cartoons and playing video games.

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John Hammond

Comic Book reader, Movie watcher, TV show viewer and classic rock
music listener.  Northern Irishman (minus the accent) with a love of
(almost) all things geeky (James Bond counts, right?)
My wife, bless her soul for putting up with me, likes to tell me I’ve never
grown up and she loves me that way.
My kids, and now my granddaughter, keep me young at heart.

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Scott Hamilton
Music Specialist. Blogger, writer, and reviewer.I appear at first glance to
be what Santa would look like if he was a biker.

Residing in the North (but South of the wall), I've been a music, film and
comics geek for years.

I play a mean (i.e .average) guitar and bake a mean (i.e. hot as hell) chilli
cheese scone.

I also write openly about my and others' dealings with mental health at:

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Jim Bennett
I love everything DC comics, especially Superman and Nightwing.
A huge Star Wars lover, Lego builder and serial podcaster, father of
two actual children and one cat. 

The rest of my life is inspired by the movies I love, Aliens (my cat's
named Ripley), The Big Lebowski (the resemblance isn't an
accident), Superman The Movie (my eldest son is named Reeve)
and others too numerous to mention!

I'm Jim and I'm a massive geek, which makes me happy 😊

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Sam McTernan
I'm a Scottish artist and writer based in Edinburgh. I've been a Batman and comics fan for as long as I can remember. This is a passion thankfully shared by my children.

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Eric Lee
Comics Round-Table Interview
Specialist. Writer, and reviewer.

Hi! I'm a part-time comic book journalist at Fantastic Universes and Dark Knight News, a writer, and cartoonist. I'm also a giant fan of Disney, comic books, and Star Wars. If you don't believe that Spider-Man is the best comic book character ever, I will fight you!

Check out my art:

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Steven Conroy
Comics and Podcast Specialist. Writer
and reviewer.

Ultimate Superman fan and comics lover.

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Gary Tahmasbi
Horror Specialist. Writer, and reviewer.

I'm scary.

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