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Fan Retrospectives: 'Batman: Dark Victory': Chapter 1: War

“War” Writer: Jeph Loeb Artist:  Tim Sale Color Artist: Gregory Wright Letterer: Richard Starkings Review by Eric Lee Welcome to the first of our year long, monthly looks back over Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s  The Long Halloween  follow-up series:  Dark Victory.  Just like its predecessor,  Dark Victory  is densely plotted and has layers of allusions. We’ll break down each chapter every month for the next 13 months. Here are my thoughts on Chapter One: “War” Review by Eric Lee Prologue The prologue begins with a violent reinterpretation of Batman’s beat-down of Alberto Falcone during Labor Day, but this time from Falcone’s perspective. Apparently, Batman did more long-term damage to Alberto than initially thought, as it is revealed that his right hand was permanently crippled. Alberto’s right hand is non-functioning now, because of Batman. We're also introduced to the most important new character: new Gotham City District Attorney Janice Porter. Porter is trying t

Review: Batman Annual #4

"Everyday" Writer: Tom King Artists: Jorge Fornes & Mike Norton Color Artist: Dave Stewart Letterer: Clayton Cowles Review by Max Byrne " From The Diary of Alfred Pennyworth - A Batman Tale Like No Other " is the caption on the cover art of the latest Batman release. Whilst this may not strictly be the case, it's certainly true that, as is the norm with annuals, this comic takes a break from the current story arc to shine a light of the never ending nature of Batman's war on crime, and all the various facets that it involves. Boy, does it ever highlight variety! From common street hoods and dinosaurs, to MMA fighting and mystical dragons. Inter-dimensional travel, helping old ladies across the street, scuffles with Kalibak, car chases, meeting old flames and locating missing children. Literally every problem that our favourite caped crusader could encounter is highlighted in Tom King's love letter to the demands placed on Gotham City&#

Fan Retrospectives: 'Batman: The Long Halloween': Punishment

"Punishment" Writer: Jeph Loeb Artist: Tim Sale Color Artist: Gregory Wright Letterer: Richard Starkings It’s the final chapter of “ The Long Halloween ” and Alberto Falcone has been revealed as Holiday, but that may not be enough to stop his killing spree. Also, what will happen when Two-Face finally rears his ugly head? The Cover Before diving into the actual issue, let's examine the cover. The image is layered with symbolism and allusions and depicts a half-rotten pumpkin, which is an obvious visual callback to the first issue’s cover. The half-decaying look symbolizes Two-Face, but also represents Batman, Gordon, and Dent’s fraying mindset. The desecrated nature reflects how shaken their values are left, after the events of this chapter. The pumpkin’s face represents Two-Face and other concepts. Alberto “The Good Son” Alberto definitively states that he is Holiday. The irony is that he was always the “Good son” who never directly participated in

Preview: Batman #82

Preview Direct From DC Comics Take a look at Mikel Janín and Jordie Bellaire’s preview pages from Batman #82! Remember the “Knightmares” chapter featured in  Batman  #62, by Tom King and Mitch Gerads? Batman had batarangs taped to his chest to counter against the inevitability of being tied up and hung upside-down, when he was swinging on a hook, after being captured by Professor Pyg. Well, it’s time to  break out your back issues, my friends! True-to-form for Tom King, those batarangs are back! It’s “City of Bane” part eight, as Mikel Janín rejoins Tom King for the climactic chapters of the epic, sold-out storyline that’s sent Gotham spinning into chaos and tragedy! Batman and his allies wage war on the City of Bane, but an unexpected turn of events will send everyone reeling. Will there be another death in the family, or can the Dark Knight break Bane’s iron grip on Gotham City? City Of Bane Batman  #82 Written by Tom King Art by Mikel Janín Color by Jord