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DC All Access – ‘Batman: The Red Death’, ‘Batman: The Dawnbreaker’ And Harley Quinn’s 25th Anniversary

All Access Heavy Metal Madness Article by Steve J. Ray Friday is once again upon us, along with fresh new offerings from DC All Access. This week has three great treats for Bat-Fans. With Harley Quinn  turning  25, there’s an interview with one of her  co -creators – Paul Dini – to discuss all things Harley. There’s a peek at  Batman: The Red Death , the first in a series of  Dark Nights: Metal one-shots revealing the origins of the seven evil Batmen that emerged from the Dark Multiverse. Finally, with NYCC almost on our doorstep, DC All Access gives pointers on how best to cosplay as the evil Batman/Green Lantern – The Dawnbreaker – also from  Metal. Here’s the complete 411: HARLEY QUINN: 25th Anniversary w/ Paul Dini Lots of people are happy to see Harley Quinn turn 25, but we suspect  few are moreso  than Paul Dini! In this DC All Access comics clip, we sit down with the Harley  Quinn co -creator to discuss all things Quinzel,  from  how he first came up with the

‘Doomsday Clock’ Trailer – Geoff Johns Talks About Crossover Event

The Doomsday Clock Is Ticking Article by Steve J. Ray This has definitely been a phenomenal year for DC Comics. Since the advent of the company wid e  Rebirth , the company has been on a roll. With the current Batman-centric  Dark Nights: Metal  in full swing, the publishing giant is showing no sign of taking their foot off the gas. Dark Knight News received a press release today, featuring comics supremo Geoff Johns giving us the lowdown on November’s eagerly anticipated  Doomsday Clock  event. It’s hard to believe that this event has been 15 months in the making. By the time of the November premiere of issue #1,  DC Universe: Rebirth  will have been running for almost a year and a half. The premiere issue showed a being of otherworldly power manipulating events throughout the DC Universe. Characters who had vanished completely from the memories of their colleagues and families, came back. Years of memories that had been stripped from the lives of DC’s main heroes retu

Review: Batman TMNT Adventures – Collected Edition

Writer: Matthew K. Manning Art: Jon Sommariva & Sean Parsons Colors: Leonardo Ito & Matt Herms Review by Steve J. Ray Every now and then a limited series or one-shot appears on the shelves of your local comic-book store that just makes you smile. Recently we have had the superb  Batman/Elmer Fudd , and two terrific – but very different –  Batman TMNT  crossovers. Last month I was fortunate enough to have a terrific conversation with  Matthew K. Manning , writer of the second limited-series. So here, as promised, is a spoiler free review of the excellent  Batman TMNT Adventures: Collected Edition . Anyone who’s ever read my work knows that I like Batman dark, brooding, grim and gritty. This is the most common, popular, and accepted version of the character. Over his almost 80 years of publication though, everyone’s favorite Dark Knight has proven to be nothing, if not versatile. A shadow in darkness, a gargoyle on a rooftop, an avenger, a crusader, a hero. He’s