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Color for Initiative! Book Review: The Dungeons and Dragons Coloring Book

Review by Adam Ray The phenomenon of the adult coloring book has been longstanding since maybe the mid-2010s. During my time, I've seen variations themed on awesome popular culture, and others featuring pretty fractal patterns, to relax and meditate. There has been an epic tier piece of loot that's finally fallen out of a treasure chest, that adventurers everywhere can be excited about. The Dungeons and Dragons Coloring Book features 80 pieces of black & white art, including the inside title pages, with detailed line-work, featuring some classic Dungeons and Dragons artwork and characters. To the untrained eye, everything swells with fun fantasy flavor, but to one as well clued in as I am, there are many hidden gems. Fans will recognize pages given over to some fan-favorite characters from the Forgotten Realms storyline; like Strahd, Minsk, and Boo. The surprise, yet pleasant appearance of characters like Tasha, Mordenkainen, Acererak, and even the Xanathar makes for some

Book Review: I Am Stan - A Graphic Biography of The Legendary Stan Lee

"I Am Stan" A Graphic Biography of The Legendary Stan Lee Written, Drawn, Colored, and Lettered by Tom Scioli Published by Ten Speed Graphic (an imprint of Ten Speed Press) Distributed by Penguin Random House ISBN: 9781984862020 Review by Steve J. Ray Let me start this review by saying that I’m a comics fan, and have been for over 45 years. This means that I know who Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster are, I know how Will Eisner changed the game, and will forever sing the praises of Bill Finger. Thinking about things, though, however legendary the aforementioned talents are to me, to most people around the world their names may not mean anything… but there is one name, one man, one comics icon who’s recognized by millions, and his name is Stan Lee. I Am Stan is his story. In the words of the author, this book is: "Not approved by Stan Lee, his estate, his family, Marvel Comics, or any other person/corporate entity depicted within its pages” Believe it or not, this is a huge p