Creator Interview: Cullen Bunn on Folklore and Harrow County

Article and interview by Kelly GainesIt could be said that I have a morbid fascination with witches, ghosts, and old fashioned American folk tales, so when Tony Farina graciously asked me if I would like to appear on his Indie Comics Spotlight podcast and what series I wanted to cover, I practically screamed “HARROW COUNTY” at my computer, and then promptly composed myself and typed a more professional response. Harrow County- the comic that follows two young witches, Emmy and Bernice, on a journey of choice and consequence while beautifully navigating the fault lines that divide who they are and who they are expected to be. Toss in a cast of terrifying and lovable haints (a southern-American folk term for ghosts), and you get the series that kept me awake multiple nights with an equal rush of anticipation and terror.Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Tyler Crook, the series’ deliciously layered elements of horror and personal exploration were far too multi-faceted to cover in one ep…

Review: Batman #101

"After The Laughter" Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Guillem March
Colour Artist: Tomeu Morey
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Review by Max ByrneSo, The "Joker War" is over, and the status quo has been restored to Gotham City, right? Well, it has, but only to a certain degree. Whilst the taciturn titular character has reclaimed his place at the top of the local food chain, the after effects of his recent ordeal have certainly set him on a new trajectory.Still very much our typical Dark Knight, the key change is that now the seemingly bottomless pit of wealth and resources at his disposal is no more. Although still rich beyond the wildest dreams of this writer, the Wayne fortune is now in the possession of Lucius Fox, albeit for totally altruistic and mutually beneficial reasons.This is a very positive step from writer James Tynion, as this should be the catalyst for a more streetwise, stripped down version of Batman, devoid of his endless array of toys and gadgets. As the US g…

DC Future State Gives Fans A Look At What’s Coming Next For The DC Universe In January 2021!

Article by Steve J. RayDC Comics have announced universes shattering events to come in 2021. DC Future State will shake up the status quo, and include all the biggest and brightest DC heroes. This news has me so excited!Check out the full press release and some eye popping artwork!An All-Star Lineup of Writers and Artists to Introduce Future DC Super Heroes
and Terrifying New Super-Villains in This Two-Month, Line-Wide EventFans to Discover a New Status Quo for Their Favorite Super Heroes and Super-VillainsFollowing in the wake of the #DCDeathMetal finale, discover the unwritten worlds of @dccomics future in #DCFutureState—a two-month, line-wide event launching January 2021! @thedcnationDC is starting 2021 off with a bang, giving fans a glimpse into futures both near and far, full of current and new characters as the publisher announced plans today for DC Future State, a two-month, line-wide event beginning in January. Through February 2021, the full title lineup will feature a combina…