‘Tales From The Dark Multiverse’ Comics Announced

Article by Steve J. RayDC has announced Tales From The Dark Multiverse – a series that takes fan favorite moments from the DC universe down a dark and twisted path. Two brand new titles; TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE: BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL #1 and TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE: THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN #1 will be available this October. Here’s the full lowdown, direct from DC: TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE INFECTS SOME OF
Debut This New Line 
of One-Shot Prestige Format Stories Future Titles to Include Twisted Takes on
and THE JUDAS CONTRACT One-Dollar Reprints of Original Comics Also Available Concurrent with New One-Shots DC Comics have announced plans to put a twisted and terrifying spin on some of the biggest, most game-changing events in its publishing history with a series of prestige format one-shots called TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE. Beginning in October, DC’s most …

Robin Storyboard Sequence From ‘Batman '89’ Revealed By Mark Hamill

Article by Steve J. RayMark Hamill, legendary voice of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and Luke Skywalker from the iconic Star Wars movies, has shared an unseen treasure from the archives on his Twitter feed; a Robin storyboard sequence from Batman ’89. It’s been rumored for many years that Robin was originally intended to appear in Tim Burton’s groundbreaking film, with both Will Smith and Taye Diggs in the running to play Dick Grayson. Hamill’s post shares an animated storyboard sequence featuring the Teen Wonder. This gem of a video features Kevin Conroy as Batman, Hamill as the Joker (of course) and Jason Hillhouse as Robin. It also has full sound effects and features Danny Elfman’s incomparable score. This is an incredible look at what may have been and a really fun scene to watch. It’s great when film-makers take the time and effort to get these little slices of history and present them to the fans.


‘Batman: The Definitive History Of The Dark Knight’ Trailer Released By Insight Editions

Article by Steve J. RayEver since this book was announced I have been excited beyond all reason. Now, Insight editions have shared a brand new trailerfor Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight! Recently Dark Knight News reported that Michael Keaton will be writing the book’s foreword and Kevin Conroy will be providing the intro! So we’ll actually have a Batman book with contributions from not one, but two legendary Batmen! Here’s the video: Also, Insight Editions will be back at SDCC! If you’re attending, please visit pop by and say hi! They’ll be in booth #3721, giving away free Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight posters, featuring the beautiful front & back cover artwork by John Guydo! Now I’m actually drooling! What about everyone out there? Are you excited for this book? What did you think of the trailer? Please sound off in the comments section.

(This article was originally published on the Dark Knight News website on July 12th 2019)

DC Introduces ‘Joker: Killer Smile’ And ‘The Question: The Deaths Of Vic Sage’ On Black Label

Article by Steve J. RayDC’s Black Labelhas been at the forefront of sophisticated adult comic book publishing over the last couple of years. Many of DC’s mainstream characters have had stories released on the imprint, and now two brand new mini-series have been announced: Joker: Killer Smile, and The Question: The Deaths Of Vic Sage. Here’s the full 411, direct from the publisher: DC INTRODUCES TWO NEW MINISERIES, JOKER: KILLER SMILE ANDTHE QUESTION: THE DEATHS OF VIC SAGETHIS FALL UNDER DC BLACK LABEL Both Series To Be Written by Jeff Lemire, Featuring Art by Andrea Sorrentino, Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz DC continues to add more thrilling stories to its lineup this fall with the introduction of two new miniseries – JOKER: KILLER SMILE from writer Jeff Lemire (GREEN ARROW, Gideon FallsEssex County) and artist Andrea Sorrentino (GREEN ARROW, Gideon Falls) available October 30, followed by THE QUESTION: THE DEATHS OF VIC SAGE by Lemire and artists Denys Cowan (THE QUESTION [2007], D…

Review: Batman #74

"The Fall And The Fallen" - Conclusion Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mikel Janín
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Review by Max Byrne
After the surreal and dreamlike events that dominated issue #73, Tom King has given readers something more visceral and action packed in this new instalment of his magnum opus. With a front cover that teases a "Father vs. Son: Desert Showdown", paired with Mikel Janín's wonderful image of the multi-generational Dark Knights facing off in combat, this issue is very clearly putting all its cards on the table. To extremely great effect.

We pick up where we left off, with the Wayne men approaching the conclusion of their unholy odyssey through the desert. The sense of their impending collision is palpable, as King expertly crafts a slow build towards the chaos.

What really appealed to me was that the journey and moments of drama were set to Thomas regaling Bruce with a story concerning his childhood. Heavy on the symbolism,…