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60's Sci-Fi Retrospective: The Time Tunnel

‘Two American scientists are lost in the swirling maze of past and future ages, during the first experiments on America's greatest and most secret project, the Time Tunnel. Tony Newman and Doug Phillips now tumble helplessly toward a new fantastic adventure, somewhere along the infinite corridors of time.' This opening narration to the 1960’s sci-fi series The Time Tunnel (episodes 2-23 anyway) sets the tone for what you are about to see.   Even better, because this is another Irwin Allen show (his third foray in to TV science-fiction), the narration is spoken by the voice of The Robot from Lost in Space , Mr Dick Tufeld. Following on from my article about Land of the Giants , I bring to you a retrospective look at another Irwin Allen creation. The Time Tunnel , is a show that ran for only 30 episodes... this is a travesty, I tell you!   The theme of it is Time Travel.   Perfectly obvious really, but still, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of time travel?   The 60’s

Review: Beasts Of Burden: Animal Rites

"Animal Rites" Writer: Evan Dorkin Artist: Jill Thompson Letterers: Jill Thompson and Jason Arthur Review by Kendra Hale What Makes A Good Tail? When I was given the freedom to choose what books I wished to review for Fantastic Universes, I wanted to make sure that I choose titles that I'd always wanted to read, but hadn't had the chance to. Either that or I wanted to pursue Graphic Novels that I'd been recommended and just hadn't sat down and read. For me, when I go into a book I'm meant to be reviewing, I look at quite a few variables before diving in. Will the story draw me in? Will it hold my attention? Is this one I can kill in one go, or one that will take some commitment? As a reader, I want to be taken in and shaken up in some way. I want to be able to connect to a book on some level and understand the characters that I am reading, and their story. For me, this has always been a draw for books; a writer or art team's ability t

Fantastic Universes Interview: James Bulmer Founder Of Park Row – London’s Immersive Batman Restaurant

Interview by John Hammond As you will all be aware from my  previous article  on this, details of the new DC inspired immersive restaurant, Park Row, are certainly gaining pace. I reported on the original planning submission for the restaurant back in April last year, with the permission of Wonderland Restaurants of course, on the British website  DC World .  I followed the application through until the final approval decision and was very pleased to see that it was granted. After looking through the plans, it was an exciting prospect. I was luckily enough to keep in touch with Ben Gregory (Commercial Director) throughout, and more recently Stuart Stringer (Head of Communications). I can’t thank these gentlemen enough for all the information that they provided me with. I put together my recent, more detailed article and now, through these fellas, I’ve been lucky enough to score a Q&A (albeit through email) with Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Wonderland Restaurants

‘Park Row’ – World’s First DC Comics Immersive Restaurant Coming To London

Article by John Hammond Park Row, the worlds first DC Comics immersive restaurant is coming to London.  The Warner Bros. movie studio has revealed that the restaurant will be opening in London, Spring of this year. The restaurant will be called ‘ Park Row ‘ as a tribute to the area of Gotham City where Bruce Wayne’s parents lost their lives. The venue is 18,000 square feet and will sit inside of an Art-Deco building on Brewer Street. The experience diners are likely to receive will be more akin to a dinner show, rather than the usual trip to a restaurant. You’ll enter the venue and then move to an area similar to the Batcave. From there you then have the choice of three bars and five, yes five, different restaurant experiences. Dining Experiences Named after Bruce Wayne’s butler, Pennyworth’s will offer a study like atmosphere.  Here you can expect, unsurprisingly, traditional British dishes to be served. In Old Gotham City you’ll be served villainous cocktails. Then ther

‘Batman: Crack The Case’ From Insight Editions Lets Readers Fight Crime Alongside Batman

Article by Steve J. Ray The brilliant Insight Editions are back with an all-new adventure! In their new book,  Batman: Crack The Case , Robin has gone missing and Batman needs help finding him. The reader steps into the role of “The Solver”, with clues hidden throughout the book alongside tons of engaging inserts, readers will use their available resources to solve the case. How cool is that? You can be part of an all-new Dynamic Duo, fighting side by side with Batman! Take on the likes of Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter and more. Work with Batman and Alfred in the Batcave, solving clues that will help you track down and save Robin, The Boy Wonder. Experience all the thrills of a Batman adventure, but without any of the danger and from the safety and comfort of your own home. Written by Derek Fridolfs, with art by Eduardo Mello, this book will delight young Batman fans, and their parents. Fridolfs is a celebrated author an