‘Batman: Crack The Case’ From Insight Editions Lets Readers Fight Crime Alongside Batman

Article by Steve J. Ray
The brilliant Insight Editions are back with an all-new adventure! In their new book, Batman: Crack The Case, Robin has gone missing and Batman needs help finding him. The reader steps into the role of “The Solver”, with clues hidden throughout the book alongside tons of engaging inserts, readers will use their available resources to solve the case.
How cool is that? You can be part of an all-new Dynamic Duo, fighting side by side with Batman!
Take on the likes of Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter and more. Work with Batman and Alfred in the Batcave, solving clues that will help you track down and save Robin, The Boy Wonder. Experience all the thrills of a Batman adventure, but without any of the danger and from the safety and comfort of your own home.
Written by Derek Fridolfs, with art by Eduardo Mello, this book will delight young Batman fans, and their parents. Fridolfs is a celebrated author and worked for Marvel, Wildstorm productions and Dark Horse Comics before writing Superman/BatmanTeen TitansGreen Lantern CorpsDetective ComicsBatman Legends and more for DC. Mello has contributed to the Fantasy Flight Game, Disney, Marvel and Chapterhouse publishing.
Insight Editions has a history of producing beautiful books for fans of major works of fiction, including Harry PotterStar Wars and Batman. Their recent publications Anatomy Of A MetahumanMasters Of Comics, and the amazing Batman: The Definitive History Of The Dark Knight are three of my favorite comics related publiactions of the last decade.
Batman: Crack The Case will hit shelves on April 7th 2020.
Do you have what it takes to aid the World’s Greatest Detective, and take on the mantle of The Solver? Pick up the book this Spring, and look out for our review, right here on Fantastic Universes.
Images Courtesy of Insight Editions


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