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Review: Space Bandits #4

"Space Bandits #4" Writer: Mark Millar Artist: Matteo Scalera Color Artist : Marcelo Maiolo Letterer: Clem Robins Review by James Stone An exciting turn of events this month has our dynamic duo facing their first real test. After having things go pretty much their way in Issue #2 and Issue #3 it was a nice change of pace to see the girls on the back foot. When figures from their past step into the light to cast doubt on their solidarity, it makes for interesting times ahead. I continue to praise this series through my reviews and on social media because I find it to be super fun and engaging. There isn't anything that I haven't already said in my previous reviews. Mark Millar is a master at writing character driven stories layered with twists and turns. The artwork has been consistent through every issue thanks to the artistic pair of Matteo Scalera and Marcelo Maiolo, who will be providing the art for every issue in this mini series.  Conclusion

Review: Batman Beyond #36

“Divide, Conquer, and Kill” - Conclusion Writer: Dan Jurgens Artists: Rick Leonardi and Ande Parks Color Artist: Chris Sotomayor Letterer: Travis Lanham Review by Adam Ray Batman Beyond #36 is the dramatic conclusion to the “Divide, Conquer, and Kill”  storyline . The return of an aged Barry Allen’s Flash brings the speed back to Splitt. At the same time, the clash between False Face and Ace puts Terry’s fate in the balance. Our Batman is in the wind… We have a hero of the past and a reluctant redemption case here to bring the clash to its thrilling end. The focus is delightfully handed over to The Flash. A clash between speedsters always makes for a dramatic set piece, and we see them tussle across the Neo Gotham Skyline in truly satisfying flashes (teehee) and uses of color. The hero/villain interactions in this issue are deeply satisfying. Batman Beyond  has the wonderful advantage of being set five minutes into the future. Catching

Review: Red Hood Outlaw #38

"Generation Outlaw" - Part Two Writer: Scott Lobdell Artist:  Kenneth Rocafort Color  Artist: Steve Firchow Letterer:  ALW’s Troy Peteri Review by Fay Clark Red Hood is back and with even more sass than  last time . You don’t think that’s possible? Then read  Red Hood Outlaw #38  and you will realise that Jason Todd can always up the sass. Some genius put him in charge of a group of young, not so impressionable mischief makers. Being one himself, there really isn’t anyone better to take the next gen on a field trip. Red Hood is ready to be the top teacher at Evil school. School trip or death trap? You decide! I don’t foresee the day when I ever become bored of Jason Todd. The man has such depth of character, is so intriguing, and yet, at the same time, is a completely useless adult. We get to see in this issue why in particular he isn’t the best at being the only adult in the room. Lobdell writes Red Hood extremely well, he has really tapped into the potentia

Review: Batgirl #39

"Oracle Rising" - Part Three Writer: Cecil Castellucci Artist:  Carmine Di Giandomenico Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: AndWorld Design Review by Fay Clark The last time we saw the fiery red-head in  Batgirl #38  she was realising just how much trouble she was actually in. Barbara even invoked the name she used to use, planning to have Oracle figure out what was going on. Little did she know that the Oracle A.I. was planning her own reintroduction back into society, which she did with a burning passion in  Batgirl #39. Friends, Frenemies and Fire We open this issue and get straight into the action. The way that writer Cecil Castellucci got me immediately involved with the storyline was great. There was an initial moment of confusion, then just when I thought I knew what was going on there was a reveal that spun me off course. That’s all within the first 5 pages of  Batgirl #39.  Castellucci went on to make a great issue. There were moments Batgirl’s voi

Review: 'Preacher' Season 4 Episode 09 “Overture”

“Overture” Director:  Laura Belsey Writer:  Carolyn Townsend Starring:  Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun, Pip Torrens, Julie Ann Emery, Noah Taylor, Tyson Ritter, Mark Harelik, Graham McTavish, Ian Colletti, Miritana Hughes, David Field, Tai Hara, Renee Lim, Arthur Angel, Sue-Ellen Shoo, Brian Lipson, Francesca Waters, Conor Leach, Christopher Kirby, Marty Rhone and Simon Russell. Review by Steve J. Ray Summary Instruments are being tuned, the choreographers are perfecting their steps, and the warm-up acts are taking to the stage. This is the “Overture”… next comes the Apocalypse. The penultimate ever episode of  Preacher  is aptly titled, though I think another worthy contender for this story’s theme could easily have been “Revelations.” Positives Yes, this epsiode delivers so much, so fast. Eugene the rock star, break-dancing Jesus, selfies with the messiah… and so much more. Genesis appeared in the very first episode and we were told how it came to be.

Review: Nightwing #64

"Evil Unleashed" Writer: Dan Jurgens Artist: Ronan Cliquet Color Artist: Nick Filardi Letterer: AndWorld Design Review by Steve J. Ray Dan Jurgens is writing one hell of a book, Every single month, Burning embers, family members, rioting. Ric doesn’t remember His life as Nightwing. Cliquet and Filardi provide gorgeous art, Their pages always score. Cobb’s such a liar, Bludhaven’s on fire In  Nightwing  #64. AndWorld Design make magical sounds And make this fun to read, Action stations, conflagrations, coast to coast, Nightwings, please hurry… The town could be toast! Bea was bar-tending, as Cobb was pretending To be a friend and more. I’ll take a gallon Of villains like  Talon , In  Nightwing  #64. This book was a joy from first page to last, In every single way. Words and action, satisfaction, heroes true, I loved this issue… What about you? I’m contemplating Camping and waiting Outside the comic s