Review: 'Preacher' Season 4 Episode 09 “Overture”

Director: Laura Belsey

Writer: Carolyn Townsend

Starring: Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun, Pip Torrens, Julie Ann Emery, Noah Taylor, Tyson Ritter, Mark Harelik, Graham McTavish, Ian Colletti, Miritana Hughes, David Field, Tai Hara, Renee Lim, Arthur Angel, Sue-Ellen Shoo, Brian Lipson, Francesca Waters, Conor Leach, Christopher Kirby, Marty Rhone and Simon Russell.

Review by Steve J. Ray


Instruments are being tuned, the choreographers are perfecting their steps, and the warm-up acts are taking to the stage. This is the “Overture”… next comes the Apocalypse.
The penultimate ever episode of Preacher is aptly titled, though I think another worthy contender for this story’s theme could easily have been “Revelations.”


Yes, this epsiode delivers so much, so fast. Eugene the rock star, break-dancing Jesus, selfies with the messiah… and so much more. Genesis appeared in the very first episode and we were told how it came to be. In one of this episode’s most emotional, surprising and completely out of left-field moments we meet the parents, and are surprised by just how unsurprised we should be. Nothing in this show is accidental and two characters that I love turn out to be so much more than I expected.
Herr Starr continues to both delight and horrify. This week his relationship with Featherstone (or should that be Flufferman) gets turned up a notch and they share a fist-pumping moment that will surprise everyone. Yes, emotions are laid bare and viewers aren’t the only ones who may want to strap on tight for this ride, when Starr and Lara decide to cut loose. Speaking of cutting loose, we see some real Old Testament Wrath from the Almighty, Jesus head spins (there are no grammatical errors in that last statement) and Humperdoo takes the cake.
Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy also go through physical and emotional wringers this week. I always knew that Cassidy was brave, but never have I witnessed a greater display of guts from this character than in this episode.


Are you kidding me? This final season is blowing my mind, week in and week out. Hitler with a beatbox, Eugene with a guitar, and God letting the mask slip… I loved every second.


I can’t believe that this show ends for good in less than seven days.,, let’s just hope that the fax gets to its desired destination, or the whole world could end with it. This week we got the “Overture” next week brings us the grand finale. Will there be an encore and a standing ovation?
I can’t wait to find out.
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