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Cast in Silver - Daily Spoiler Commentary 28/2/18

Article by Adam Ray Trucking on with Masters 25 spoilers. Our Limited archetypes, Magic's most powerful Instants are abound alongside our rare Land cycle and an Elder Dragon. With the great art by Zack Stella, Counterspell returns with the same centering and the iconic 'M' at the heart. I may have to replace my Eternal Masters ones with these ones in my future Pauper decks. Brainstorm returns with the heavy metal artwork available only to the 2012 Legacy World Championship winners. Centering the text with the Ice Age snowflake, coupled with the super literal art work makes this one sought after common. Bolt. An icon of the game. It'll certainly be the last member of the boon cycle (all one mana Instant that gets three of something) that we can expect to see in this set given that Ancestral Recall is on the Reserved List and that Healing Salve is a terrible Magic card. This solidifies any doubt that it'll never be printed at common ever again, but will

Cast In Silver - Daily Spoiler Commentary 27/2/18

Article by Adam Ray Masters 25 Spoilers continue; with lots of love shown for the Pauper players yesterday, a respect for the Commander table is what's on for today so far. The key mana producer card for Legacy Storm returns. All the way from Alpha , the instant that was once an interrupt, and even had the type 'Mana Source' is given the center justify treatment, which really stands out with the grand 'M' behind it. Conspiracy: Take the Crown  saw the unexpected but welcome reprint of Burning Wish , but here we see the continuation of that cycle brought back to life. It's interesting that this version features the Judge Promo art; similar to the Azusa reprint in this set and a certain familiar lady at the banner of this piece. This, coupled with new flavour text makes the card alive again in a completely unique version. With it's original art; not Sorin Markov turning a dude to dust, or the guy with the sword. Classic  Brian Snõddy, showing th

Cast In Silver - Daily Spoiler Commentary 26/2/18

Article by Adam Ray Masters 25 is the birthday party that Magic: the Gathering is throwing for us, the players. Today, we're taking our first look at some of the presents, and they seem very welcome. With promises that there will be at least one card from every Vintage Legal set within the packs of Masters 25 - the teams at R&D have the challenges of: getting needed reprints out into the player base, displaying the most powerful and iconic cards from Magic past and present (unlike Masters sets just gone), all the while creating a fair and fun limited environment. No pressure. Much of the player base knows by now that the hero/boogeyman of Modern, Jace returns in this set; as does Phyrexian Obliterator  and Azusa , lady of Landfall. I won't cover them too much. They're here. Yay! Mmm. Premium Limited removal. It's confirmed now that all the cards in the set are sporting a watermark of some kind - most of them being the set symbol of their original print

Review: Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt

“Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt” Writers: Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, James Tynion IV and Josh Williamson Artists: Howard Porter, Jorge Jimenez, Doug Mahnke and Jamie Mendoza Review by Steve J. Ray Now, the end is near… and this really could be curtains for the DC Multiverse! This week, I’ve read a comic grounded in heart, and humanity, and then gone to the furthest extremes of cosmic, mind-bending sci-fi fantasy. DC Comics are nothing, if not varied, and “Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt” is a Metal tie-in of intergalactic proportions. I’ve been loving the whole “Metal” storyline, with all the interstellar, and multi-dimensional chaos that it has wrought. This series, and the incredible “Doomsday Clock” are shaking the very foundations of the DC Universe. This issue is no different. Whenever I see a comic with Grant Morrison’s name on the cover, I get a little excited. When his name’s on the cover alongside those of Bat Legends Scott Snyder and James Tynio