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Review: Batwoman #15

“The Fall Of The House Of Kane” – Part Three Writer: Marguerite Bennett Artists: Fernando Blanco & John Rauch Review by Steve J. Ray Gotham City has gone Bats… literally! At the end of issue #14 Beth Kane, A.K.A. Alice, unleashed a swarm of virus infected Bats upon Gotham City. After a year away Batwoman has finally returned home, to a city under siege. This issue gives us comics the way they’re  meant  to be; ridiculously high stakes, pulse pounding action, great character moments and some truly gorgeous art. Marguerite Bennett has delivered another enthralling script, accompanied by some of the finest visuals that this title has ever boasted. I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I’m not the kind of person that will fall for the multiple cover ploy, but with  Batwoman  #15… both the stunning Rafael Grampá alternate, showing Batwoman perched on a gargoyle, and Dan Panosian’s sublime bat-attacked Kate Kane on parchment are stunning. The interior art continues t

Who Made Who? World Exclusive Interview With Chap-Hop Superstar Paul Alborough and Professor Elemental - Part Two

Interview by Scott Hamilton In part one of this interview, Fantastic Universes' resident music ninja got chance to talk to the Head of the "School of Whimsy" Paul Alborough . In the second half of the interview we talk to the Sherlock to his Watson, the Daryl Dixon to his Rick Grimes, Professor Elemental himself. We were lucky to catch him after his last escapade and early enough where he hadn't started drinking horse brandy (it was just after nine in the morning to be fair.......). Professor Elemental: Hello Sir! Professor Elemental here; just putting the finishing touches to the 'Flying Susan'. I am hoping to open her up to offer flights to members of the public this weekend. Hopefully enough time has passed since that terrible accident with the primary school last year. I still maintain that while I am responsible for the crash, I shouldn't have been blamed for the subsequent and devastating fire. Scott Hamilton: How's life currently

Review: Detective Comics #982

“The Cursing Of Gotham City” Writer: Michael Moreci Artists: Sebastián Fiumara & Dave Stewart Review by Steve J. Ray It’s no secret that I like my Batman dark. A figure of fear in a city of terror, for me that’s the way the Dark Knight works best. This issue is dark… and  then some ! Welcome to “The Cursing Of Gotham City” featuring the return of Deacon Blackfire. I was around when this vintage villain was introduced, in the classic  Batman: The Cult  mini-series waaaay back in 1988. I think it’s brilliant timing by a terrific writer to bring this baddie back 30 years on. Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson’s Blackfire story was a terrific psychological horror story. Michael Moreci’s new tale evokes all the same twisted, psychedelic imagery and roots it firmly in the 21st century. The homeless, the forgotten, kidnapped children and primal fears, they’re all here in this single issue ghost story… and I  love it . Deacon Blackfire Bu

Who Made Who? World Exclusive Interview With Chap-Hop Superstar Professor Elemental / Paul Alborough - Part One

Interview by Scott Hamilton It's very rare that the worlds of geeks and music collide in a powerful way, but Professor Elemental has made that happen. 'School of Whimsy' sees Brighton's finest export solidify his career with his strongest album to date. Over a ten year journey Paul Alborough has helped create the phenomenon of Chap-Hop, a mix of hip hop and a tongue-in-cheek take on English gentry. The character of Professor Elemental has allowed Paul to push the boundaries of his music, as well as allowing him to show the world his love of anything nerdy. His songs are littered with references to superheroes and comics, and have a huge underlying message of positivity. Luckily, Fantastic Universes' resident music ninja Scott Hamilton managed to chat not only with Paul, but also with the crazy genius that is Professor Elemental. Here's part one where we talk to Paul about his musical career, his love of comics and what we can expect from the Prof