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Mission: Impossible - A Retrospective Look Back at a Classic Spy Series

Article by John Hammond I make no secret of the fact that I'm a massive James Bond fan.   The exploits of 007 are ones that I have enjoyed since I was 9 years of age. At about 15 years of age however, and thanks to (most likely) BBC2 repeats, I was introduced to Mission: Impossible .   Not the very start of the series, but an episode from season 3 (I think).  I l oved it.   You can’t beat 60’s spy fare.   I think that it’s fair to say that series like this still hold up well, for me certainly more than some of the efforts of today's TV! I just can’t see efforts like The Americans , Homeland and Counterpart (although very good) being talked about in the same vein as Mission: Impossible , The Man From U.N.C.L.E , The Saint etc.   But maybe that’s just me. Anyway, for this article I look back at Mission: Impossible . About the show... Mission: Impossible ran for 7 seasons, from 1966 through to 1973.   It follows the adventures of the Impossible Missions Force (aka the IMF).

Infinite Frontier Will Introduce Next Phase Of The DC Universe

Article by Steve J. Ray Doomsday Clock  started the ball rolling, and  Dark Nights: Death Metal  lit the fuse to a Big-Bang that will start the DC Comics Universe anew. Now, it has been announced that Infinite Frontier will introduce an all-new era for all of DC’s legendary characters. Here’s the full press release: DC’s  Infinite Frontier  #0 Brings Together the Best Creative Talent in Comics to Introduce the Next Phase of the DC Universe! 64-Page One-Shot Presents Infinite Possibilities for the World’s Greatest Super Heroes on March 2, 2021 The DC Universe enters its next phase this March with the release of  Infinite Frontier  #0, a 64-page one-shot from the most creative and innovative storytellers in comics that sets the table for new tales, talent, and characters for 2021 and beyond. As  Dark Nights: Death Metal  exposes our heroes to the Multiverse’s darkest threats and DC’s Future State event provides a glimpse into possible futures of the DC Universe, this blockbuster one-shot

Review: Tales From The Dark Multiverse – Dark Nights: Metal

"Tales From The Dark Multiverse – Dark Nights: Metal" Writers: Scott Snyder, Jackson Lanzing, and Colin Kelly Artists: Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, and Norm Rapmund Color Artist: Romulo Fajardo Jr. Letterer: AndWorld Design Review by Steve J. Ray Following on from all the recent, brilliant, twisted takes on DC Comics’ greatest epics,  Tales From The Dark Multiverse – Dark Nights: Metal  revisits the first  Metal  event, Joker Dragons and all. Hang on to your hats, because, like its predecessors, this story is one wild ride! The original  Metal  event from DC Comics did many great, and amazing things. It unified elements from Grant Morrison’s legendary Batman run with Scott Snyder’s own epic tenure on the book. It saw the destruction of the Source Wall, and the beginning of the Age of Heroes. It unleashed the fury of the Dark Multiverse on the heroic universes populated by our favorite DC heroes, and saw the rise of Perpetua, and The Batman Who Laughs. Back in 2017 this epic mi

Review: Dark Nights: Death Metal – The Last 52 – War Of The Multiverses

“Fight!”, “First & Last Men”, “The Batmen Who Laugh”, “Unstable Atoms”, “No More Superheroes”, “Falling Through The Cracks”, “Apicius”, “Armageddon Blues”, and “Reign Of The Swamp King” Writers: Joshua, Williamson, Scott Snyder, Magdalene Visaggio, James Tynion IV, Kyle Higgins, Regine Sawyer, Che Grayson, Marguerite Bennett, Matthew Rosenberg, and Justin Jordan Artists: Dexter Soy, Scott Koblish, Paul Pelletier, Norm Rapmund, Alex Maleev, Scott Kolins, Alitha Martinez, Mark Morales, Pop Mhan, Inaki Miranda, Rob Guillory, and Mike Henderson Color Artists: Veronica Gandini, Adriano Lucas, Matt Hollingsworth, John Kalisz, Emilio Lopez, Chris Sotomayor, Eva De La Cruz, and Marissa Louise Letterers: Tom Napolitano, Carlos M. Mangual, Rob Leigh, Troy Peteri, AndWorld Design, and Dave Sharpe Review by Steve J. Ray Dark Nights: Death Metal – The Last 52 – War Of The Multiverses  ties in  Death Metal  #6, and next week’s finale. The End is Nigh! This anthology, sadly, isn’t one of the stro

The Feed Fantastic - Fantastic Universes comes to Spotify

Article by Adam Ray I hope everyone has had a calm and relaxing Christmas period. Here's wishing you a festive, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, from everyone here at Fantastic Universes. It's with great pride that we can announce that the Fantastic Universes podcast has finally made its way to Spotify. The universe's biggest depository of music and podcasts has been a beacon on the internet for 12 years... and it's Swedish. Catch up with us reviewing Supernatural or talking hype over our favourite games. Retro reviews of the comic-book world's best and much more all linked in with your favourite music tracks. FINALLY! Next in Queue With this big development, you may be asking what's coming to the now expanding Fantastic Universes podcast? We teased new projects in the past, when The Hostile Takeover started. With the key Ray members voicing or managing the excellent Superheroes for Dummies , there's always stuff to listen to. That said, we here at Fant