The Feed Fantastic - Fantastic Universes comes to Spotify

Article by Adam Ray

I hope everyone has had a calm and relaxing Christmas period. Here's wishing you a festive, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, from everyone here at Fantastic Universes.

It's with great pride that we can announce that the Fantastic Universes podcast has finally made its way to Spotify. The universe's biggest depository of music and podcasts has been a beacon on the internet for 12 years... and it's Swedish.

Catch up with us reviewing Supernatural or talking hype over our favourite games. Retro reviews of the comic-book world's best and much more all linked in with your favourite music tracks. FINALLY!

Next in Queue

With this big development, you may be asking what's coming to the now expanding Fantastic Universes podcast? We teased new projects in the past, when The Hostile Takeover started. With the key Ray members voicing or managing the excellent Superheroes for Dummies, there's always stuff to listen to. That said, we here at Fantastic Universes can unveil something new.

Coming early 2021 will be our round table talk-show podcast called The Life Fantastic. One of us Rays, with a number of our friends from here in Fantastic Universes, or further still from The Hostile Atmosphere, Comics in Motion, No Ordinary Heroes, or DC Comics News/Dark Knight News, will all gather together to wax lyrical about the grand nerd issues of the day. 

We can't say for sure yet what the format of that will be, but we have even more places for that great content to be heard. Until then, catch the Fantastic Universes podcast on your Spoofy log today!

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