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Core Values – Core Set 2020 Spoilers

Article by Adam Ray
Chandra dot set is here. The core set is always a key release for Magic. An excuse for powerful – off flavour – reprints. Largly generic but strong cards. The chance for the tone of Standard and beyond to be determined. Though previewed last week, the Chandra's (yes, plural) needed the teeniest bit of context to be talked about properly. Here's that context.
I declare spoiler season begun!

Strong reprints are strong. In a format that'll still have Arclight Phoenix in it – tempo is built around efficient bounce spells.

I've heard it said that there needs to be more low cost Angels for an Angel midrange deck – and this one may be just a little too late before big sisters Shalai, Voice of Plenty and LyraDawnbringer leave Standard. However, for an uncommon, this is pretty strong. At base, this is a Wind Drake which has always been a Limited All-star. Bumping incedental life gain will add up if its a consistent theme of the deck – especially as this will…

Review: Detective Comics #1000 The Deluxe Edition

"Detective Comics #1000 The Deluxe Edition"
Writers: Robert Venditti and Alan Grant
Artists: Stephen Segovia, Scott McDaniel and Rob Hunter
Color Artists: Ulises Arreola and John Kalisz
Letterers: Dave Sharpe and AndWorld DesignReview By Steve J. RayHow do you improve on perfection? Detective Comics #1000 The Deluxe Edition answers that question. When we received news that this magnificent comic was going to receive the hardback treatment, collecting the original issue, a ton of the amazing alternate covers and TWO brand new stories my gast was well and truly flabbered. Having purchased and devoured this terrific tome (worth every penny), my gast has been phantasmagorically flabbered. The best has, indeed, gotten even better.

Review: Harley Quinn #62

Review: HARLEY QUINN #62
Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Otto Schmidt
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Review by Philip Clark


The game continues from last issue, only it’s no longer a game. Gotham City has been transformed by a spell performed by the Enchantress. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Enchantress is alive and kicking back! Can Harley figure out how to save her friends and reverse the spell in time? Find out this week in Harley Quinn #62. PositivesI love a good fantasy setting, especially if it’s an alternate universe to the one I already know. Alternative universes, or timelines, are my favourite things to read. This particular one is incredibly well written, and drawn. I love how Humphries writes Harley Quinn. There’s so much depth to her, but it’s also simplistic. She just wants to help her friends and make sure that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. This particular issue showcases that at it’s finest! Harley never backs down in her belief that she can help save Enchantres…

DC Reveal Batman/Superman #1 Sneak Peek

Article by Steve J. Ray As the writer lucky enough to have assigned The Batman Who Laughs as a review title, I’m really excited about the series that will be spinning out of it. Today DC Comics revealed a great Batman/Superman #1 Sneak Peek! Up in the sky, in the dark of the night, trust no one—for the Secret Six walk among us! Spinning out of the devastating events of DC’s THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS, Superman and Batman join to­gether once more in an all-new monthly comic book—and they’re facing a terrifying new threat that could strike from anywhere. Writer Joshua Williamson (THE FLASH, JUSTICE LEAGUE/SUICIDE SQUAD) and artist David Marquez (Civil War IIAvengers) are teaming-up in BATMAN/SUPERMAN, debuting on August 14, 2019. Check out a sneak preview of the upcoming series! #Batman/Superman

Review: Red Hood Outlaw #35

“Prince of Gotham” – Part Four
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Pete Woods
Color Artist: Rex Lokus
Letterer: ALW Troy PeteriReview by Fay ClarkPreviously in Jason Todd’s life, otherwise known as issue #34, we saw our boy going on a bit of a field trip. After his international jaunt Jace tried to return to his Ice-berg, but instead he got a surprise visit from an old friend. So, here we are with Red Hood Outlaw #35; will Jason make it out of the encounter, or is he too rusty to win? Cruisin’ for a bruisin’?Pretty boy Jason Todd gets himself into some trouble this issue, and the more I read about him the more I love the writing style of Scott Lobdell. Twists and turns, emotion and violence; the perfect balance of everything. Just when I started to think this has been a nice quiet reflective scene, BAM. Slap some fighting on that thing and call it a day. No-one does reflective guilt tripping better than Jason Todd, and it comes back with an awful, realistic, gut wrenching ending. I never see wha…