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Review: ‘Batwoman’ Episode 9 “Crisis On Infinite Earths” Part Two

“Crisis On Infinite Earths” – Part Two
Writers: Don Whitehead & Holly HendersonDirector: Laura BelseyStarring: Ruby Rose, Melissa Benoist, Camrus Johnson, Grant Gustin, Tyler Hoechlin, Bitsie Tulloch, Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Tyler Hoechlin, Dominic Purcell, Matt Ryan, Katherine McNamara, Candice Patton, Kevin Conroy, Jon Cryer, Tom Welling, Erica Durance and Wentworth MillerReview by Steve J. Ray“Crisis On Infinite Earths” – Part Two: This article contains HUGE SPOILERS after the main review. This is for fans in the U.K who do not have access to this chapter. Also, you MUST see Supergirl Season 5 episode 9 before reading further. Thy Kingdom ComeYes, we finally see (a) Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse, and it’s none other than the legendary Kevin Conroy! This is an all-new version of the character and is almost a mix of the Batman Beyond and Kingdom Come iterations. The big spoilers are coming at the very bottom of this review, so all I’m saying here is that this is the darkest Bat…

Review: ‘Harley Quinn’ Season 1 Episode 2 “A High Bar”

“A High Bar”
Writer: Jane BeckerDirected By: Matt Garofalo, Ben Jones and Frank MarinoStarring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Diedrich Bader, Jim Rash, Chris Meloni, J. B. Smoove, Matt Oberg, James Adomian, Wayne Knight, Sean Giambrone, Howie Mandel, Rahul KohliReview by Kendra HaleVillainous Coffee BreakHarley Quinn Episode 2 “A High Bar” sets and surpasses just that. We’re definitely off the rails boys and girls with this one. “A High Bar” gives us the direct aftermath of the Harley/Joker breakup. One thing is for sure, Harley Quinn is having issues. You can catch up on the previous episode’s review here. Let’s jump right into this one, shall we? Friends In Low PlacesHarley’s having trouble finding her villainous feet some ground in this episode to be sure. Having broken it off with The Joker, she’s adamant about proving herself to The Legion Of Doom. Harley’s main goal is to prove that she was never just a sidekick, but that she can do bad all by herself. The problem is that in…

Review: Titans – Burning Rage #5

"Streets Of Blood" Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Scot Eaton and Wayne Faucher
Color Artist: Hi-Fi
Letterers: Tom Napolitano and D.C. HopkinsReview by Steve J. Ray

Titans – Burning Rage #5 reveals who’s been behind the riots that are plaguing the country, and causing chaos within the ranks of the Titans. The Mento helmet has stimulated the violent impulses that exist within all of us, causing even the closest of friends, including Hawk & Dove, to turn against each other. In a time where we get kids comics, grown up comics, horror. sci-fi and everything in-between, it’s great to pick up a title that’s nothing more, or less, than a vintage-style superhero action fest. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty in here to keep an adult reader engaged, but this is the type of book that you can hand over to any fan, from the ages of 9-90. That Dan Jurgens knows a thing or two about writing comics.

Review: Batman And The Outsiders #8

"A League Of Their Own" Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: Dexter Soy
Color Artist: Veronica Gandini
Letterer: Clayton CowlesReview by Steve J. Ray

Batman And The Outsiders #8 sees some truly stellar work by the regular art team, and the start of a new story arc. Sofia has been saved, but Kaliber has betrayed the Outsiders and Ra’s Al Ghul has attempted to lure Duke Thomas to the dark side. Bryan Hill is weaving a tale of intrigue, deception and mind-games. I’m really loving the dynamics and character interactions between the members of this new team. Cassandra Cain and Duke have bonded in combat, as have Katana and Black Lightning. I really feel the genuine friendship and camaraderie between all of them, with the irony of seeing Batman, their leader, as the outsider of the group. Sofia is also developing as a character, mindful of her past and fearful of her future. It’s great to see her trying to fight the brainwashing and physical conditioning that Ra’s and the League of Assassins put h…

Review: Detective Comics #1017

"Orphans" Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Fernando Blanco
Color Artist: John Kalisz
Letterer: Travis LanhamReview by Steve J. Ray

No, your eyes do not deceive you, Detective Comics #1017 has an all new creative team behind it… and what a team it is! You must have been up a mountain in Nanda Parbat for the last five years if you haven’t heard of Tom Taylor. The Awesome Antipodean has been writing some of the finest comics on the shelves, both for DC and the Marvel-ous competition in that time. Batman fans will no doubt have already loved his amazing work on the Injustice titles, and devoured his award winning best-selling apocalyptic (Apokoliptic?) masterpiece, DCEased. The great news about this issue is that it’s nothing like either of those great titles. Yes, you read that right. “Orphans” is a standalone, poignant and bittersweet tale. This is the kind of comic you hand to someone who isn’t that into superheroes, and who you want to show how much more a comic-book can be. This shows an…