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Review: 'What If...?' Season Two

Review by Ph ilip Clark After the massive success of the first season, Marvel announced a second set of stories for their animated What If...?  show. Now, if you're unfamiliar with the premise of the series, Marvel takes ideas with the multiverse under the supervision of The Watcher, and poses the question "What If?". The Watcher (Uatu) is an interdimensional being of incredible power. He narrates the show; giving a brief introduction of what we'll find in each episode. The question has given us answers to questions such as; What if Peggy Carter gained Captain America's abilities, or if T'Challa became Star Lord, or even if Ultron took over Vision's body wielding the Infinity Stones. The first season ended with a climactic battle with The Guardians of the Universe against the aforementioned Infinity Stones-wielding Ultron. Throughout the season, we were treated to situations like the Marvel universe being turned into zombies, so you can imagine the excitem

There And Back Again - The Triumph of MegaCon 2024

Article by Adam Ray The joy of a comic convention is that it brings people back together out of love for comics, tv, movies, manga, games, and even more. The city of London has had it's fair share of excellent conventions between Heroes and Villains Fan Fest and the immense MCM, but a new challenger has entered the battlefield. MegaCon has run multiple events up and down the country, and it's most recent stint in London has been truly powerful. There have been respectably good guests at this particular event. A who's who of anime voices, the faces behind Donna Noble and John Constantine did a multitude of meet and greets with adoring fans. The on site Yu-Gi-Oh tournament was deeply popular with many players there alongside players sampling classic TCGs like Pokemon and Magic, and new games such as Battle Spirits Saga and Star Wars Unlimited. Expect spotlights on those two new games coming very soon on the Fantastic Universes Podcast ! Creative pillars of the game were in at

January 2024 New Digital Licensing Announcement

Press Release Reported by Adam Ray Kodansha ushers in the new year by revealing the digital debut of a dungeon-crawling fantasy-adventure, January 9, 2024. Ready your equipment pack and dive into the world of I Left my A-Rank Party to Help My Former Students Reach the Dungeon Depths! , by Yuri, Kosuke Unagi, and Super Zombie—where an under appreciated support Mage leaves his top-tier party to help his former students start their own epic adventure. January’s debut digital series series is perfect for fans of other Kodansha fantasy-adventure series like: My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1 (Manga) The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) “Mediocre” Demon! This new series debut will be available upon release across all our participating digital vendors, including Bookwalker , Amazon Kindle , Apple Books , Google Play , Nook , Kobo , MyAnimeList , Mangamo and more! Fans can also purchase and read all our digital manga on the new . Take a look below for more details about