There And Back Again - The Triumph of MegaCon 2024

Article by Adam Ray

The joy of a comic convention is that it brings people back together out of love for comics, tv, movies, manga, games, and even more. The city of London has had it's fair share of excellent conventions between Heroes and Villains Fan Fest and the immense MCM, but a new challenger has entered the battlefield.

MegaCon has run multiple events up and down the country, and it's most recent stint in London has been truly powerful. There have been respectably good guests at this particular event. A who's who of anime voices, the faces behind Donna Noble and John Constantine did a multitude of meet and greets with adoring fans.

The on site Yu-Gi-Oh tournament was deeply popular with many players there alongside players sampling classic TCGs like Pokemon and Magic, and new games such as Battle Spirits Saga and Star Wars Unlimited. Expect spotlights on those two new games coming very soon on the Fantastic Universes Podcast! Creative pillars of the game were in attendance, including Lorcana artist Matthew Robert Davies, signing cards and giving us an exciting possible look at the future of the game itself.

A thing that makes this reviewer and the website's senior editor, a lot of the more recent, bigger comic cons had a very small presence for actual comics. MegaCon featured multiple sellers retailing a great many numbers of back issues. For the unsung and the immensely talented new creators, the creators alley has shown me a lot of new titles. Expect reviews for some of those comics coming very soon.

The wondrous cosplay by creative fans filled the hall, and created some unique moments such as former President and current ogre Donald Trump building and tearing down the wall, and the pictured Colonial Marine standing roughly nine feet tall. There were multiple stations for fans to get the perfect backdrop to pose in costume, while onlookers were enchanted by their presence.

We here at Fantastic Universes are eager to return to the next MegaCon coming to a city near you.


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