Review: Nightwing #64

"Evil Unleashed"
Nightwing #64 YOTV Cover With Lettering Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Ronan Cliquet
Color Artist: Nick Filardi
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Review by Steve J. Ray

Dan Jurgens is writing one hell of a book,
Every single month,
Burning embers, family members, rioting.
Ric doesn’t remember
His life as Nightwing.
Cliquet and Filardi provide gorgeous art,
Their pages always score.
Cobb’s such a liar,
Bludhaven’s on fire
In Nightwing #64.
AndWorld Design make magical sounds
And make this fun to read,
Action stations, conflagrations, coast to coast,
Nightwings, please hurry…
The town could be toast!
Bea was bar-tending,
as Cobb was pretending
To be a friend and more.
I’ll take a gallon
Of villains like Talon,
In Nightwing #64.
This book was a joy from first page to last,
In every single way.
Words and action, satisfaction, heroes true,
I loved this issue…
What about you?
I’m contemplating
Camping and waiting
Outside the comic store,
To grab this book’s sequel,
Although it may not equal
Nightwing #64


Huge thanks to DC Comics and the creative team.

My humblest apologies to John, Paul, George and Ringo.
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment


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