HOST Warring Card Game Exclusive Preview Card!

Article by Adam Ray

Hello again card gamers. The best kept secret in collectible card gaming is here. Host, Warring Card Game has been a firm favourite for us here at Fantastic Universes. We've been with it since the beginning, and have made firm friends with its creators.

You can find all of our content on the game of Host written up here, or over on the Fantastic Universes Podcast.

Now that all the Resource types are out there thanks to Binky the Everlasting Youth, we can really look forward to the next expansion!

We have much to look forward to in the Wraiths of Wrath expansion, and another expansion immediately after. So much wonderful newness from the expansion for Host, so what cards can we expect in this expansion? Well, our first one is large and slimy.

Do not be put off by this card, dear reader. It may look innocuous, but Large Slug is a secret treasure. The Defender keyword means your opponent needs to waste their turn attacking into this instead of your more important units, or your Host.

That's right, even with units in play, you can now attack down Hosts. What?!

We can officially announce that a new rule has come to this game, in terms of how combat works, and we're so very excited to hear it. The rules for Declaring Attackers have dramatically changed in this game. Before, you would have had to wipe out all your opponent's Entities before you can attack your opponent. 

That's why cards with Defender are so important. They have to be attacked, and one at a low cost like this sluggy friend are so important. It having 3 attack means it requires multiple swings from any Strife player.

Despite it being an Amity card, it costs one Generic Resource, meaning any deck can play it, and I can see it being a great delaying speed-bump for any Authority or Emotion slower, controlling deck.

This is also a real testament to the design philosophy at Host. They are making cards that are openly accessible to the entire player base, and with the intent that these cards will all see eternal play. Sure we could all want cards like the Entity versions of Graxis or Meridius, but the game works best when smaller cards are here to act as the bread and butter to help decks function. A pesky blocker like this is exactly what the decks I love to play are very excited for.

Also the flavour text is hilarious, and harks back well to Lurghoyf.

Keep up to date with Fantastic Universes for all your news about all things in the nerd universe, and all the hottest news about Host Warring Card Game. Now we want to hear from you! Will you be picking up your copies of Wraiths of Wrath? Are you excited about the next expansion? Let us know in the comments or on our Twitter.


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