Review: 'iZombie' Season 5 Episode 10 "Night And The Zombie City"

"Night And The Zombie City"

Review By Jim Bennett

Ok, so this episode was an odd one. Liv eats the brains of a private eye who’s been murdered by a prostitute... pretty standard stuff? Then the episode plays out as if the detective was some kind of 1930s gumshoe, with muted colour tones and monologues from a trashy detective novel.

I don't know. It didn’t really work for me and just felt a bit weird, however the one thing I did enjoy was everyone’s reactions to Liv’s constant brooding monologues, those were the best! Oh, there's also a fist fight in this episode between Liv and Blaine that comes out of nowhere that feels really forced too!
I feel like there’s been a lot of build-up this season, but we’re getting very close to the end now and there need to be some payoffs.
We now know Beanpole Bob is Liv's dad, and that he has a plan to get zombies out of Seattle and into the outside world, with the help of some inside people in Livs Renegade operation. Then we found out that he's also the creator of the original strain of tainted Utopium, which could mean that a real cure could soon be available... if Ravi can get his hands on some of that original batch.
The government finally makes their decision on what to do with Seattle, but what does that entail? The Dead Enders have their own plan to wipe out zombie kind, but what is it? So much happening, with so little time to wrap things up!!
One things for sure, the last three episodes are going to have a lot going on!
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