Review: 'iZombie' Season 5 Episode 13 "All's Well That Ends Well"

"All's Well That Ends Well"

Review By Jim Bennett

So this is it, the last ever episode of iZombie. I’m not going to be able to talk about it without spoilers, so here is your only warning


The title of this episode actually gives away the ending. There are a ton of twists and turns, with people dying all over the place; Peyton is shot and "killed" but then brought back, Major takes the cure on live TV and asks Lambert to kill him to prove the cure exists, only for Ravi to switch it up and give the cure to Lambert who is then shot and killed. Blaine and Don E get pushed down the well that Blaine’s father is still at the bottom of, and Liv is blown up... but not really.

We do get a birth with Clive’s son finally being born, but am I the only person who thought the whole dual pregnancy with Michelle storyline was just thrown away with a one-liner earlier in the series? I thought that might continue, but alas... no.
Ok, so my honest opinion of the finale and indeed the final season is this:
 I love this show and have done from the very beginning, but this season has been the weakest by far, in my opinion, from a story arc perspective. We have had some amazing individual episodes and, as always, the characters have been awesome. The series as a whole, though, felt like it dragged a lot, with the last episode having way too much crammed into it. For me it felt super rushed, and I struggled to really feel connected to it.

I think it would’ve been better had they split the episode in two and have the last two episodes be the finale, to really build the tension. For example, if Peyton was shot and killed that would’ve been a great cliffhanger before the final episode, but instead - 5 mins after - she's alive and a zombie. That doesn’t create a feeling of despair, it's just a plot device that’s thrown away.
That’s also my basic feeling about the whole season. Plot devices that are thrown away: the dual pregnancy, Liv's father, who had a metal plate in his head to protect his zombie brain, but whos' then shot in the soft part of his head 2 seconds later. The evil Dolly Durkins, who seems to have just been let go and nothing bad happens to her. Blaine and Don E just being pushed down a well. This season deserved to go out on a high and, while it was still great fun, it felt like it went out with a whimper, which is a real shame.
I will not end this review on a down note, though. this show has given us some amazing characters, introduced us to some awesome actors and has always been fun and enjoyable. The finale gave us what we wanted in the end, Liv and Major together again, looking after zombie kids on Zombie Island. Ravi and Peyton together successfully and Clive ended up happy with a family, so it was really "All's well that ends well" and Blaine's down a well... I get it!
I wouldn’t mind if they did a special one-off one day, as all the elements are still there, but that’s just wishful thinking I guess. So all that’s left to say is thank you iZombie you were awesome, and I may just start watching it all again from season 1!
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