Review: Space Bandits #3

"Space Bandits #3"

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Matteo Scalera
Letterer: Clem Robins
Color Artist: Marcelo Maiolo

Review by James Stone

The latest crazy adventure by Mark Millar stepped up the bizarre this month. Our protagonists are on their journey of revenge and Space Bandits #3 is the most brave and graphic issue so far.

The series has proved it isn't afraid to be brutal and graphic when required and, if you like weird and wonderful, then this issue delivers that by the boat-load. I get the feeling we have learned all we need to regarding the motives behind Thena and Cody, and Millar is now letting the characters loose to enact their revenge.

Matteo Scalero has relished that opportunity to take things to the extreme with some very graphic and disturbing pages of violence. Its here when the bright, vibrant tone is lifted by the color art of Marcelo Maiolo. Without the 80's vibe and tone set out by the artists this could have been a very different book that might have proven too graphic for some readers. 

There was some serious world building happening here, either intentionally or not. Every page introduces us to a new species and race who build the intrigue in what their story is and how they play a part in the wider universe. It's unclear if we will explore any of this in later issues, but there's lots scope for expansion in the future for Millar and Netflix.


A mid series issue that felt as strong and enjoyable as all that came before. A different story to what we're probably used to from Mark Millar, but Space Bandits is quickly becoming one of my favorites. All the bars have been raised in issue #3 and with the crazy-o-meter at an all time high mid-way through the series, I cannot wait to see how the story concludes.
Images Courtesy Of The Creative Team, Netflix And Image Comics


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