Review: Detective Comics #1018

"Have Yourself A Pagan Little Christmas"
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Scott Godlewski
Color Artist: David Baron
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Review by Steve J. Ray

The New Year brings with it a new story arc and a new artist. Yes, Detective Comics #1018 rings in the new, but still celebrates all that is great about this title, and the 80 year old Caped Crusader whose adventures it chronicles. (He’s looking pretty good for 80, right?)
It’s been pretty clear for over a year now that Peter J. Tomasi has a solid grip on Batman and his universe. More importantly though, it’s also evident that this writer loves these characters and is having fun with them. Case in point, this issue really gives us Batman the detective, a side of the character that I adore, but feel that we still see too little of. We also catch up with good ol’ grumpy Harvey Bullock, and his banter with the Bat is a thing of beauty.
Look out for a classic phone conversation between Harvey B. and Batsy, plus a wonderful exchange between the Dark Knight and an incorrigible ruffian at the start of the issue. This is Batman as written by someone who really gets the character and his motivations.

Great Scott!

Welcome to Detective Comics Mr Scott Godlewski! I’m a long-time fan of Scott’s art and was overjoyed to see his take on Batman again. Mr G. is a fine talent: artist , writer, and co-creator of Image Comics’ Copperhead. He’s responsible for the pencils and inks in Detective Comics #1018, and they’re lovely; clean, crisp, brilliantly drafted and oozing with charm and character. Scott is the kind of artist who can juggle darkness with humor, and deliver terrific action, expressive faces and detailed, yet uncluttered, backgrounds. This issue was lovely to look at, and I hope that he sticks around for a long time.
Another reason the book looks great is because of ‘Tec mainstays; color artist David Baron and letterer Rob Leigh. I love the way Mr Baron seems to adjust his style to suit the artist he’s working with, and he’s one of the most versatile colorists in the business. Once again he’s adapted the hues in his pallet to match the story beats, and the line-art. Honestly, the coloring style in this book looks different to previous issues, and distinct – yet again – from his stellar work on The Batman Who Laughs.
Rob Leigh keeps producing quality work. I’ve reviewed two books this week, and Rob’s lettered both. Impeccably.


Horrible grizzly murders, a new killer with an agenda and Batman at his sleuthing best. We get all of this plus some Terrific art and wonderful dialogue. Detective Comics #1018 is a keeper, and I cannot wait to see how the story progresses.
See you all in two weeks time, Batfans!
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment


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