Review: Harley Quinn #69

"The Fast and The Foodius"
Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Sami Basri
Color Artist: Ivan Plascencia
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Review by Kendra Hale

Harley Quinn #69 is here and was it ever worth the wait! With this side story one shot we get a change in writer and color artist. We also get a shift in the ongoing story of Harley Quinn, which is a nice break from all the norm. The issue has two beautiful covers, one by Guillem March with Arif Prianto and a variant – a beauty, as per usual – with art by Frank Cho and colors by Sabine Rich. To catch up on the previous review click here. All caught up? Let’s begin!

Here’s The Deal, Value Meal!

Harley Quinn #69 starts by introducing us to a newly freed Hambezzler, fresh off a 30-year stint in Sing-Sing prison. Once a widely popular character for the McGobble fast-food franchise, his fall from grace came to the tune of $40 million, which he embezzled from the employee retirement fund. With the prospect of no home, no job, and no friends to speak of, Hambezzler is sent, amateur realtor, Harley Quinn’s way.
Not everything is what it seems and Hambezzler finds out quickly that things can always get worse. Figures from the past want their revenge, even 30 years later. With Harley on his side, can The Hambezzler make sense of what happened to the money? Or will he end up flame-grilled for his troubles?

While Supplies Last

This issue was a huge slip into guilty pleasure land. Harley Quinn #69 was a really well put together feel-good story. This was evenly laid out from beginning to end. Mark Russell brings a parody of the well-known McDonald’s characters to life expertly with the artists. I love the team of Sami Basri and Ivan Plascencia together. All of this with Dave Sharpe’s beautiful lettering makes for an amazing book.
I love all the puns! All restaurant themed, and hitting their marks perfectly. There’s a point where Harley is standing up for The Hambezzler and watching her banter with his colleagues is brilliant. I literally heard their voices in my head and wanted the story to be longer. While, yes it is an all-in story from start to finish, I’m hoping for cameos in the future to continue these characters’ stories.


Harley Quinn #69 is a light-hearted, on the go, bit of fun. It was well-done and thoroughly enjoyable break from the norm. Lots of fluff with tender moments sprinkled in fits into Harley Quinn’s world nicely. I loved all the nice touches, like the chibi versions of the characters on their individual narrations. Personally, I think this is one of the best side stories ever to venture into the nonsensical made reality. You can get your copy here or at your local comic shop.
Happy New Year, readers!
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment


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