Review: Wasted Space #12

"Wasted Space #12"
Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Hayden Sherman
Color Artist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Review by Steve J. Ray
Just when I think that there are no more new ways in which this series can surprise me, along comes Wasted Space #12 to show me that I couldn't possibly be more wrong.
Issue #11 ended with our heroes' ship being boarded by three lethal looking characters, and this chapter starts... not quite where the last one left off.
Anyone picking up this series for the first time could well believe that they'd grabbed an issue of Dial H For Hero, but bound and stapled under the wrong cover. The three terrific origin stories we get for Trident Zaffino, Tyran and Syra are wonderful. They evoke both Golden Age single page comic-book origins, as well as the one-and-done single appearance Dial H creations.
Writer Michael Moreci is clearly letting his geek flag fly, and I love him for it.

Magic and Science and Sci-Fi... Oh, My!

The always amazing team of Hayden Sherman, Jason Wordie and Jim Campbell are also cutting loose. The opening pages of this issue channel, Ditko, Kirby, Kubert and so many more! Trident is like a cross between Doctor Strange and Robocop, Tyran is a Thor/Warlord/Conan type and Syra is a Kamandi/Superman/V (For Vendetta) hybrid... or at least that's what my underdeveloped geek mind latched onto. Not only did Hayden and Jason adapt the line art and colors to evoke the aforementioned comics masters, but Jim Campbell completely altered the text to suit each style and origin too.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Of course this isn't the Golden Age, nor is it Dial H, No... this is Wasted Space. This title is the wonderful fever dream of Moreci, Sherman, Wordie and Campbell; as Billy Bane's ever so in-character interruption of these Secret Origins so brilliantly makes clear.
This is a comic that breaks all the rules, but only after it's shaved their heads and left them, drunk, hung-over, naked, alone and tied to a lamp-post first.
The rest of the issue drops surprises, bombshells... and literal crashes, bangs and emotional wallops. Last issue teased the return of Fury, and in Wasted Space #12 that particular seed bears fruit. As is always the case with this series though, what we get when she reappears turns the world on its head and leaves us crying for the next issue to arrive as soon as possible.


I'm not one for spoilers, so let me just say that the way the issue ends leaves you wondering, hanging, and fearful for the lives of a couple of the characters. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Wasted Space has decided to don their own spiritual spandex and go off to become a new (and dysfunctional) version of something that's like a cross between the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Guardians Of The Galaxy.
Legion Of Super Weirdos, possibly? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
So, join us next time Vault fans... same Space Time, same Wasted Space channel.
Images Courtesy Of Vault Comics and The Creative Team


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