Review: Yondu #4

"Yondu" - Book Four
Image result for Yondu #4Writers: Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler
Artist: John McCrea
Color Artist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna

Review by Kendra Hale

What's Your Plan?

In Yondu #4 we rejoin our duo of Yondus, past and present versions, as they're trying to outrun the M'Kraan ship hot on their trail. While they do so, semi-successfully, the Yondu of now is ready to break out quite the loaded question. If you haven't caught up on my reviews, Yondu #3 is here.

All caught up? Let's go!

Don't Touch My Yarn!

Yondu #4 gives the answer to namesake Yondu's question, What caused him to leave his people and become the Yondu he is now? Fans, hold onto your seats because we get the best piece of fan service ever, an actual answer to a question posed in a book... in the same issue! We get the origin of Yondu, before the Guardians of the Galaxy, before the Ravagers. But, while answers are given, will the two survive long enough to come to an understanding... before the Bounty Hunter tries to kill them?


The creative team has given us a gift in Yondu #4, the gift of knowledge. In this issue not only do Nadler and Thompson deliver a story that flows on several levels but McCrea, Spicer, and Caramagna bring their words to life in vivid and feisty detail. This is a massively informative issue with lots of hidden fun details, just like chapters that came before. You can see the passion for the work in every gritty and colorful panel.


Yondu #4 is probably my favorite issue so far. It has action, heartfelt conversations, answers to long asked questions, and space battles. We get fine storytelling in the way only Yondu Udonta can give. With so much riding on keeping the Herald's Urn safe, we have to wait until Yondu #5 to see what this team has in store.
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