Review: Amethyst #1

"In Gemworld"
Writer and Artist: Amy Reeder
Letterer: Gabriela Downie
Review by Fay Clark
So, here we are at the start of a new and exciting adventure. I have to be honest I don’t know much about Amethyst or the Gemworld. Yet when I found out this comic was coming out, I got super excited by the artwork and the premise of the plot. Let’s bring on the bling, with Amethyst #1!

Anyone need any Healing Crystals?

Right off the bat Amy Reeder is just incredible. Not only does she write the series but she’s responsible for. I mean, is there anything Reeder can’t do?!? Even if, like me, you go in not knowing a lot about Amethyst or Gemworld, Reeder does a great job of explaining things pretty quick. Amy Winston has a strong inner monologue that really lays it all out for you. Amy Reeder has a knack of cluing you in without it seeming like she’s dumping information on you; the dialogue flows really well and you can tell a lot about the character speaking, just from the level of emotion Reeder puts into their voice, and the words she chooses to use.
The plot’s also really interesting. There’s so much to discover about Gemworld, and Amethyst #1 does a great job of letting you in on some of the finer details about the realm. I’m super intrigued to find out more about this dimension and all the quirky characters that come along with it!

Planet Purple

Amy Reeder, writer and artist extraordinaire, has really out done herself. The artwork in Amethyst #1 is beautiful. There’s a distinct style to it that means that you’d really be able to tell if someone else were to take over. Not only are the characters drawn in excellent style, but the backgrounds are out of this world! Literally.
Gemworld is such an interesting place to visualise and Reeder has done a great job at helping a reader narrow down the specifics. Obviously purple plays a big part in the color scheme of this series, which is great. There are so many variants on purple, which is evident in Reeder’s work.
We can’t not talk about the other person who worked on Amethyst #1, letterer Gabriela Downie. I’ve seen her work before in a few other comics and, as per usual, she’s a gem (yes… I went there). Her dialogue flows well and is easy to read, while at the same time she makes sure that the right sense of emotion can be felt in certain areas of the issue, particularly when Amethyst’s maybe feeling slightly stressed.


I’m very happy to be reviewing this series. The plot feels like it has a lot to give, and if Reeder keeps up her stellar work then I know we’re all in for a treat. The art is spectacular and gives off strong, mystical, otherworldly vibes. I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I’m definitely sticking around to find out!
Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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