DC Comics Announces ‘Batman: The Joker War Zone’

Article by Steve J. Ray
We're now just a couple if issues away from the mega-hyped and greatly anticipated "Joker War" event. Now, to add even more highly combustible accelerant to the conflagration, DC Comics have announced Batman: The Joker War Zone, a 48-page one-shot anthology comic. Here's the press release for this double sized blast of bellicose bombast:

BATMAN: THE JOKER WAR ZONE #1 The Future of Gotham City Starts Here! New Stories written by James Tynion IV, John Ridley, and Joshua Williamson!

Gotham City is a battleground as The Joker takes over the Wayne fortune and wages a street war against the Dark Knight and his allies! Enter the “war zone” on September 29 with short stories featuring characters like Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and Luke Fox… and see how they’re fighting back in a city under siege!
Also, the brutal full debut of the mysterious new anti-hero known as Clownhunter! Batman: The Joker War Zone #1, a 48-page one-shot anthology comic with stories by James Tynion IV, John Ridley, Guillem March, James Stokoe, Joshua Williamson, David Lafuente, and more, will be published on September 29 with a cover by Ben Oliver and a card stock variant cover by Derrick Chew.
To find the stores open and operating near you check out DC’s comic shop tracker at www.dccomics.com/comicshoptracker. And don’t forget to download DC CONNECT, the new catalog for fans and retailers with the latest on future news about the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes at www.dccomics.com/connect.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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