Review: Our Final Halloween 1-3

Writer: Mike Garley
Artist: Mike Lee-Graham
Letterer: Mike Stock

Wrap Around Covers: Jess Taylor

Review by Tony Farina
There is a new frantic, fun, mind blowing, horror comic called Our Final Halloween out there on the internet, and I feel it is important that you all know about it. Why? Well, first, there's a new Kickstarter that starts June 13th, and if you check it out, you can get all three digital issues for free.

Seriously, free comics! Of course, there are ton of other goodies that go along with it too. 

The creative team of Mike Garley and Michael Lee-Graham have decided not to pull any punches. They have gone full Kafka by just throwing our heroes and the readers into the muck.

Seriously, check this beauty out:
It's kind of beautiful, and terrifying. If you're into that kind of thing, which I am, so...

The colors employed by Lee-Graham are spectacular. We're never in doubt when things are going sideways. We always know when danger is near. He uses color the way that directors use music, to let us know what to feel and, more importantly, when things are about to go wrong. 

Garley's writing and characterizations are tight. The cast feels real. I liked them immediately, because it sounds like they've been through some serious stuff together. They speak to each other the way real friends do. He doesn't spent too much time with exposition, as he knows this is a visual medium. He gives us a set up in each issue, and then he lets us have it. I appreciate a writer who respects his audience.  

Jess Taylor's wrap around covers are works of art. It's such a brilliant idea. They work in the same way that poem's titles work. They tell you what is coming, and add a layer to each issue.


Garley and Lee-Garham are giving readers a chance to get their hands on print copies of this gem, before some other company comes in and snaps them up. You should really get on this. The only downfall with supporting such a fantastic comic, is that you have to wait with baited breath for the epic conclusion, when it finally arrives.

Fear not dear readers, Fantastic Universes will have you covered, and let you know when that's going to arrive.

Images Courtesy Of The Creative Team And Publisher


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