Podcast Time: DC Comics News Releases W/Ending July 19 2020

Article by Steve J. Ray

Hi, there! Here 's the second of our weekly run downs of all the releases from the terrific DC Comics News Podcast network.

Please remember that some of these shows may contain adult content and strong language.

There was only one release this week, but there are some great episodes out next week, including an interview with the amazing April Bowlby, one of the amazing stars of TVs Doom Patrol.

Watch this space!

DC Comics News Podcast Network

Welcome to another episode of I AM THE NIGHT, a podcast dedicated to breaking down every episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Each week, the wonderful Steve J Ray (reviewer at DC Comics News, as well as Editor-in-Chief of our sister site Dark Knight News) and a guest will sit down and dive cowl first into an episode of the greatest animated series of all time.

In this episode, Steve is joined by fellow DKN writer Max Byrne to talk about the 31st episode of season one of Batman: TAS, entitled "The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy". So sit back, put on your cape and cowl, and prepare yourself for a journey into the darkness!

Episode Synopsis: Baron Jozek, furious at Batman for humiliating him at a dinner party (over Jozek's underworld connections), hires Josiah Wormwood, a master in setting traps for his victims, to hunt down Batman and bring back the hero's cape and cowl.

This episode is based on the comic-book story "The Cape and Cowl Death Trap!" from Detective Comics #450 (August 1975), written by Elliot S. Maggin.

Steve J Ray

Max Byrne

"I Am The Night" Theme by David B.

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