Review: Amethyst #4

"At A Loss"
Writer and Artist: Amy Reeder
Color Artist: Marissa Louise
Letterer: Gabriela Downie

Review by Fay Clark

Do you ever feel like you’ve been thrown into something that’s not your choice, or a good idea? If you haven’t then Amethyst #4 has got you covered. Jumping straight in with some heavy action and accusations, we continue immediately from where we left our rambunctious heroes in Amethyst #3.

At least it’s not Dune or Tatooine

The pure tension felt at the beginning of Amethyst #4 is the highest so far from this series. Amy Reeder keeps raising the bar higher, every time I read something of hers. Princess Amethyst is a changed character, from when we first met her. Having been through so much, Reeder really helps show these emotions and changes, in Amy’s inner monologue, and dialogue with other characters.

The plot-line’s getting more and more interesting too. Having now jumped to a few conclusions, Princess Amethyst has the righteous task of proving that she’s right, while simultaneously trying to save her parents, and her people in Amethyst #4. Amy Reeder knows how to bring in her audience; there’s amazing action, and true heartfelt breakdowns and make ups.

The characters feel real and well fleshed out. We have Princess Amethyst as the main character, but there are some amazing supporting cast members too. Phoss plays a massive part in the storyline from the get go, always in the background, and trying to be of as much help as possible. I do hope, sometime soon, that Princess Amethyst realises what a great friend she has.

It’s coarse, rough, and irritating… and it gets everywhere

So by this point in the review if you haven’t figured out they’re in the desert, I don’t know how to help you. I did want to comment on Amy Reeder’s stunning artwork of the desert, because it looks like a true wasteland, miles from anywhere and an eternity from any kind of help. The sand looks like it would annoy me to the point of exhaustion, which is amazing because that’s exactly what it does in real life. The fact that looking at a panel in a comic can give me that, oh so familiar rage, means that Amy Reeder’s definitely doing something right.

Once again Marissa Louise has cracked the color wheel. The depth of texture, and the subtle changes in hue really help make the images look super realistic. This team obviously knows how to work together, to get the best end results. Looking at the vast landscapes, I see something new every time. Marissa Louise seems to be a great new addition to the team.


I have no idea what’s going to happen next. I’ll be honest and say that I was convinced this plot line was almost wrapped up. Boy, was I wrong! Amethyst #4 just kept throwing me through loop after loop. Amy Reeder knows where she wants Princess Amethyst to end up, and I cannot wait to get there. With only a few issues left… I’m super intrigued to see how this is all going to end.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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