Review: Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys: The Death Of Nancy Drew- Part One

"The Death Of Nancy Drew" - Part One
Writer: Anthony Del Col
Artist: Joe Eisma
Color Artist: Salvatore Aiala
Letterer: Crank!

Review by Kendra Hale

Here Lies Nancy Drew

Wow. First of all... wow!
I grew up reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys novels, so this was an exquisite treat for me. I didn't hear about the announcement for this series, but was at my local comic book shop, The Danger Room, and this instantly caught my eye with its cover. The Death Of Nancy Drew? What?!? I instantly and without regret bought it.

Let's dive in, because this one strikes all kinds of nostalgia chords.

Who Is Nancy Drew?

The Death Of Nancy Drew - Part One pulls no punches starting us off. With the delightful narration from Joe Hardy, we learn that Nancy Drew, at 19 years of age, has died. While everyone else in the town of River Heights is fine with seeing it as no more than a tragic accident, Joe Hardy knows it was murder, and he aims to prove it at any cost.

Say It Ain't So

This team has masterfully mixed the vibe of the novels with the modern version the TV series envisioned. I love the angst you feel from Joe as he relays everything that's happened, not only to Nancy, but to everyone who was connected to her. What befell her Father and friends, and the wedge that came between the legendarily close brothers. Thankfully we'll all get to enjoy the vision for this tale as it plays out. I'm so excited for Part 2!


When it comes to The Death Of Nancy Drew, part one is indeed a gem, and a true credit to the writer and art team for doing something so bold and amazing. I hope that fans who were against this, or those who were scared of what the announcement of this book might have meant, have been satisfied with the story told. I love how everything wove together to spin such a good start to this tale. I look forward to the mystery unravelling.

Have you had a chance to read The Death Of Nancy Drew - Part One yet? Which is your favorite iteration? Book? Movie? TV series? Comic? Let us know in the comments below, and I'll see you here for Part Two!

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