Review: Teen Titans #46

"Loose Ends" - Part Two

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artists: Jesus Merino and Cam Smith
Color Artist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Review by Steve J. Ray


Look, up in the sky… Superboy guest stars in Teen Titans #46, the penultimate issue of this stellar run. Jonathan Kent is probably the person closest to Damian Wayne, the former Robin, and he’s joined the team in a quest to find the errant Boy Wonder. As you can imagine, personalities clash, and sparks fly, leaving the readers as the only winners.


This has been one of the most action oriented instalments in a while, and Jon’s power levels are a great boon to the team, particularly when facing vintage Titans baddies, like Fearsome Five members Mammoth and Shimmer. As always Robbie Thompson handles the fight scenes with gusto, but he never forgets that these guys are youngsters, and Roundhouse’s attitude towards the Boy of Steel is absolutely adorable. Crush, of course, isn’t as pleased while Kid-Flash and Red Arrow are just true pros, trying to get the job done. All the while every character is written and drawn beautifully.

Yes, Jesus Merino, Cam Smith and Hi-Fi have delivered a gorgeous looking comic. The line art and color work hand in hand, giving comics readers a vintage piece of superhero literature. Teen Titans is always one of those books that brings out the kid in me. That’s not to say that there’s nothing here for the more mature reader… heck no. There’s a scene in the book where Jon catches up with Damian (kind’a, sort’a) and his expression and reaction is written and drawn maturely, and brilliantly.


Sadly, the issue isn’t perfect. While I love action as much as the next comics fan, I do feel that it’s always better when it’s done for a reason, and achieves a desired end result. Everyone knows that issue #47 will be the last, but while this book is a fun read, and looks gorgeous, not much really happens until the last couple of pages. The team end the issue in the same “are we a team, or aren’t we” state that they’ve been in for the last few months.


Teen Titans #46 is a fun read, and gorgeous to look at, but it doesn’t really further the plot. I love the fact that Crush and Roundhouse have squashed their argument, and Wallace and Emiko’s first date was really cute, but so much stuff is left hanging. While I may eat my words next month, and find out that this was all brilliantly calculated, I don’t see how this story can be wrapped up in just one issue. The introduction of a new threat in this month’s cliffhanger is just something else that needs to be resolved, in a very limited amount of space.

Will we be left on a cliffhanger, or will this story continue in another title? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Images Courtesy OF DC Entertainment


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