World Exclusive Interview - Konnan - GFW/Impact And AAA Wrestling Superstar

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Interview by Steve J. Ray

Konnan, is a world famous professional wrestler and musician. He is currently performing on television worldwide with Anthem Wrestling Exhibition's (AWE) Global Force Wrestling/Impact (formerly TNA) where he is the manager and leader of LAX (The Latin American Xchange). Readers in the U.S. can watch the show on POP, and U.K. fans can catch it on Spike.

During his 29 year career, he has wrestled for independent and national promotions worldwide, and held fifteen championships with nine companies, including the largest Mexican Lucha Libre institution Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA).

He has had success in WCW, WWE and with TNA. After the company's rebranding to GFW/Impact Wrestling and a 9 year gap, Konnan returned to Impact Wrestling in early 2017, as the manager of The Latin American Xchange (Low-Ki, Homicide, Ortiz, Santana and Diamante).

He has always been a vocal advocate for wrestlers rights, gaining him notoriety with some companies, but the respect of his peers and fans all over the globe.

After conversing with Konnan over a number of weeks, he graciously agreed to an interview with me. This website is the only place where you will be able to read it.
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Making His Way To The Ring

Steve J. Ray: First and foremost, thank you. I've been a fan for many years, and really appreciate your time.

Konnan: It's kool, Steve. No problem.

SJR: You've been an integral part of virtually every major wrestling company. Do you have a favorite memory of each one? Or one specific memory you'd like to share?

K: I've been in so many promotions, but I will say for WWE that it was just being in the biggest wrestling company in the world, and getting to work with Vince (McMahon), he was very hands on with my gimmick.

With AAA, setting the all-time attendance record which still stands.

With TNA, creating LAX... SJR: It's common knowledge that you've always supported your fellow wrestlers, sometimes to your own detriment. Which company, in your opinion, cares most about the wrestlers?

K: Sadly, none of the major ones. SJR: Have we seen your last match? Or could you be convinced to have one more match, with the right opponent?

K: I'm getting a hip implant soon, if its successful I will do a retirement tour. SJR: I think that LAX and Low-Ki are kicking ass right now. Do you see the stable growing even more?

K: Without giving too much away, things are changing in LAX. We're losing a member soon, so let's see if we can get someone in their place. And it's a key player... hard to replace.

(At this point, let me say that I know who that is, and he's not exaggerating! For many fans - especially those, like me, that are based in the U.K. - this episode hasn't aired yet.)
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The Changing Face Of Professional Wrestling

SJR: Konnan in his prime, Vs any wrestler in their prime - What would have been your dream match?

K: I've wrestled pretty much everyone I always wanted to, so no-one really. SJR: When you get into the Impact Hall Of Fame, who would you like to induct you?

K: Rey Mysterio. No doubt. SJR: In your opinion, who deserves a bigger push than they've been getting (from any company)?

K: Low-Ki and Homicide. SJR: Many "Fans" complain about everything, some of them understanding very little. Is Kayfabe truly dead, in your eyes? Is that more of a negative, or positive in your view?

K: Yes, it is. There are pros and cons to both, but it's a reality that people have to deal with. I don't think about it that much any more, because it ain't going to revert. SJR: I'm an older fan (48) so appreciate what wrestlers go through, putting their bodies on the line, night after night for the entertainment of the fans. Do you agree that there's too much focus on dangerous high spots, and not enough ring psychology and storytelling any more? Or is there room for both, if done safety, and right?

K: Yes, right now maybe there is, but there is room for both. SJR: You've done so much in your career; Wrestler, promoter, booker, manager. You've probably been asked every question a thousand times. Is there one question you've wanted someone to ask you, but they never have? What's a question you'd like to answer? What do YOU want people to know about you, or the business?

K: Just that I want to change the industry, like when I brought the Lucha style to ECW and to WCW. I want to give the fans want they want!

SJR: Thank you for your time, all your hard work and for the interview.

K: Stay kool Steve, no problem.
Konnan's Podcast 'Keepin' It 100' is available on Podcast One, iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you usually get your podcasts. It's the richest and deepest of all the wrestling shows available, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Check it out, it's well worth it! Fans can help support the cast by contributing at


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    1. Thanks so much.

      It all came about after I'd made a comment about his show, and his colleague Low-Ki online. I was so surprised to later receive a direct message from Konnan himself!

      After a great conversation, I plucked up the courage to request the interview, and he agreed.

      People say that you should never meet your heroes, on this occasion they were definitely wrong. Konnan was super professional, totally cool, and a real gent.

      I'm very, very proud of this interview.


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