Review: Batwoman #14

“The Fall Of The House Of Kane” – Part Two
Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artists: Fernando Blanco & John Rauch
Review by Steve J. Ray
After last month’s shocking twist, the true architect of Batwoman’s recent woes has been revealed. Safiyah was innocent and Knife was shown to be the true instigator. To rub salt in the wound, the “Mother Of War” is none other than Kate’s sister, Beth. After months of therapy and rehabilitation have been undone, her evil alter-ego of “Alice” has once again been unleashed upon the world.
Marguerite Bennett has successfully pulled the wool over readers’ eyes for well over a year now, and this fan is overjoyed. When a writer can make an old, classic plot-device feel fresh, both subtly and surprisingly, then you know that you have a great comic in your hands. It’s truly tragic that all the work Kate Kane put in to help her twin has been undone, and now her arch-nemesis is back.

Alice Unchained

The art team of Fernando Blanco and John Rauch are once again firing on all cylinders this issue. I’m a huge Batwoman fan and, in my opinion, this is the finest art team to illuminate Kate Kane’s ongoing adventures since J.H. Williams’ tenure. I don’t think I can give higher praise. Alice is Joker level terrifying, yet still sympathetic, under theirs and Marguerite Bennett’s expert direction.
I truly feel for Kate as these events only help highlight her ongoing trials and tribulations. Over in Detective Comics she recently had to take the life of one of her own, for the sake of Gotham City. Her actions, whilst shocking, are hard to argue. There can be no denying that to some extent what she did was justified.
Globally, Alice is a far greater threat than Clayface ever was. Will Batwoman be forced to take the life of her own flesh and blood for the greater good?
This story tugs at the heartstrings, sets the reader on edge and has kept me riveted for over a year. Clayface was out of control, and Alice is out of her mind. Yes, she’s deadly, but she has moments of lucidity. When the Beth Kane persona takes over, you clearly see fear, horror, shock and sorrow in her eyes. This is one of the most brilliant villains in all of comics, handled by some of the greatest talents.
Batwoman certainly has her work cut out, and I am well and truly hooked.
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment
(This review was originally published on the Dark Knight News website on April 19th 2018)


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