The Return Of Professor Elemental - Brand New Album 'School Of Whimsy' Out Next Week

Article by Steve J. Ray
Holy Ditko! Grab your pocket watches, set your alarms, makes a note in your diaries, pop your kettles on, and press your fighting trousers! The time-travelling, steam-punk, chap-hop gentleman of rap has returned. Wind up your gramophones, and prepare to treat your lug-holes… Professor Elemental is back!
The Raconteur of Rap’s brand new Album “School Of Whimsy” is a rip-roaring, battenburg blistering, cloning conflagration of musical merriment. Following on from the awesomeness of “The Indifference Engine”, “Father Of Invention”, “The Giddy Limit”, “Apequest” and “Professor Elemental And His Amazing Friends” the Professor’s latest offering is sure to delight fans, old and new.
Phew… I need a cuppa. Herbal?!? No thanks!
Professor Elemental PRESS RELEASE
Release Date: 16th April Label: TeaSea Records (CD, LP and Download)
The world’s only steam powered emcee returns with his sunniest album yet!
It’s time to enrol in The School Of Whimsy.
For over ten years, Professor Elemental and Tom Caruana have carved out a niche with their brand of unique, optimistic and inventive hip hop. Laden with unique samples, guest stars and a sound like no other, The School Of Whimsy takes the listener on a technicolour ride of life affirming fun.
There are tracks about everything from Jumble sales to invading squirrels, how to deal with anxiety or to make good art. DJ Nick Maxwell provides the always-on-point turntable skills and a host of exciting singers and emcees join the party.
Professor Elemental burst onto the scene with his hit Youtube videos ‘Cup Of Brown Joy’ and ‘Fighting Trousers’ (racking up over five million views between them). Unforgettable live shows around the world followed, playing everywhere from Canada to Cambodia and gracing events like the San Deigo Comicon and Glastonbury Festival.
Tom Caruana is one of the country's leading Hip Hop producers, collaborating with everyone from the Wu-Tang Clan to Edgar Wright. His numerous albums have garnered him worldwide acclaim from the New York times and the U.K. music press. His most recent album with Son Of Sam (Cinder Hill) received rave reviews as well as live appearances on the BBC and regular rotation on Radio Six.
Excited yet? Head on over to Spotify or your digital music provider of choice to experience the back catalogue of this most extraordinary of gentlemen. Or check out the following reviews, to whet your appetites. I promise you’ll thank me later.
Praise for Professor Elemental and Tom Caruana :
‘Breathtaking freestyle rap’    The Guardian     ‘Funny & intelligent’    SFX Magazine
Genius’      ‘A fantastic piece of work’   New York Times
To find out more, please contact:
Email - 
Twitter - @prof_elemental
Dog & Bone - 07832387937


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