Review: Nightwing #45

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artists: Chris Mooneyham & Klaus Janson
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Review by Steve J. Ray


“THE BLEEDING EDGE: PART TWO” Dick Grayson is suffering from a case of the morning after the night before blues. Technology has been killing the citizens of Bludhaven, and suddenly Nightwing finds himself feeling that his life may be out of his control, or not even fully his own at all.


From the opening scenes in Nightwing’s apartment things don’t feel right. The situation is wrong, the setting is askew and, though the circumstance is not an unwelcome one, Dick Grayson knows that things are not as they seem, or as they’re meant to be.
Ben Percy really lays on the sense of paranoia this issue. As a reader I was really thrown by the opening, and felt a sense of dread and foreboding throughout the whole book. Last month I had the minor niggle of the mystery villain’s ability to alter perceptions. This month I’m very happy to be eating a slice of humble pie.
I also mentioned my instant liking of artist Chris Mooneyham’s art. This issue I will go as far as to say that I love it. This does owe something to the fact that pages 1- 15 are inked by comics legend Klaus Janson, but the last 7 pages are all Mooneyham, and they’re some of the best pages in the whole book.
Once again Color artist Nick Filardi uses all the tools at his disposal to great effect. His use of light and contrast enhances Mooneyham and Janson’s art brilliantly. Nightwing’s fight with Wyrm on page 20 feels physical, and the electricity emanating from the villain leaps off the page. The fact that Filardi uses a green color-base for Wyrm, rather than the horrifically overused blue for lightning and electricity in comics, gives the character a more ghoulish, and ominous feel.


I’m pleased to report that any misgivings I had about issue #44 have been dispelled this month. Chris Mooneyham draws using a fair amount of detail, and clearly is as capable an inker as he is a penciller. The fact that this title has reverted to a monthly release schedule will let the artist deliver a far better, more consistent standard of work. While I will miss reading Dick Grayson’s adventures every two weeks, I still prefer quality over quantity.


Wyrm is a formidable foe. In a world where information is power and technology is king, this is truly a monster for today’s society. How can Nightwing battle an enemy he can’t touch, and one who can extract information directly from his devices, or even his very own mind? Personally, I can’t wait to find out!
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment
(This review was originally published on the DC Comics News website on June 7th 2018)


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