Exclusive Interview: Neil Gibson, Writer and Creator of 'Twisted Dark'

Article by Adam Ray

MCM was an unexpected hall of treasure. For fans of near everything under the sun you can find every kind of memorabilia. Comics Alley is a staple of the convention; tables with the works of many independent comics creators. I had the pleasure of meeting Neil Gibson at his stall, and we had a lovely conversation about his body of work.

Working on various comics projects since 2012, Neil is best known for his deep horror vignettes in his Twisted Dark collections.

Finding his origins in his mid twenties, with what felt like comics being stuck in the superhero genre, reading Alan Moore's Watchmen changed a lot. For many of us, that one story still changes exactly what kinds of stories can be told in the comics medium. Working on Twisted Dark over a period of nine months and it's quick acclaim allowed him to continue creating up until today.

The horror stories of the Twisted series all come from a place of disturbing realism. Creating them, he says comes from a place of the unexpected, from a conversation or something he'd never known. To truly take something sinister outside of your own knowledge and bring it to focus has allowed book one of Twisted Dark to jump from internet chat rooms, the business practices in India, to "Pushmen" on Japanese trains. The horrors are real - few monsters or dark creatures, because they're usually kinder than just people.

His writing extends further than the horrors of a real world. The fine people at NBC approached him and asked him to adapt Stan Lee's Lucky Man into comic form, to expand on the wider universe not seen on screen.

Despite the large body of work, his point of personal pride is in the editing side. Much of all writing is rewriting, and sharpening it to a polished and high quality state. Neil's deeply interested in helping other creators in making comics, and as much he enjoys writing, he'd like to help people make comics more.
Nevertheless writing is where we know him right now, and he's been kind enough to show us a digital link to his current body of work. He's challenged us to eventually stop reading, not to be drawn in. While the shock factor of the content is strong, morbid curiosity compels you to read on. Find the collection right here, and look out for his Twisted Sci-fi series The Theory on Kickstarter.


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