Guards! To Arms! - City Watch Series Coming Soon

Article by Adam Ray

When I woke up this morning, the forger of this site - my father - showed me a tweet from Terry Pratchett's estate. Some news was coming today.

We've heard it ladies and gentlemen, grab your flowery shirts, we're off to Ankh-Morpork!

BBC America, the network that broadcasts Doctor Who to billions of American fans, has scored rights to adapt The Watch into a television series. The arc of of City Watch stories in the novels: Guards! Guards!, Night Watch, Men at Arms, and Feet of Clay, feature the recurring, treasured characters Captain Sam Vimes, and Lady Sybil Ramkin. To see these characters on-screen, with the length of time that only TV can give, means we can really explore the stories Terry wrote.

It's been said so far that the aesthetic of the show is a "Punk rock thriller." This three word combo to describe a genre already has me excited. You'd never expect to combine the two; the noise of punk with the grit of thriller (something you'd expect from the City Watch). Perhaps they're incorporating elements from the story of Soul Music? Very exciting indeed.

Names associated with the project so far show some real quality on creative production. Simon Allen, the writer behind the 2016 Musketeers series with Hillary Simon (producer on Luther) and Phil Collinson (producer on the revived 2005 Doctor Who) to contribute to the production of the show.

Named simply The Watch, I imagine it'll be an amalgamation of various stories from the City Watch and other novels, possibly with something new. BBC America are already showing great enthusiasm for the project.

Check out more news about The Watch as it becomes available, right here on Fantastic Universes.


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