Review: Adventures Of The Super Sons #3

"Action Detectives" – Part Three
Writer: Peter J Tomasi
Artist: Carlo Barberi
Review by Adam Ray
The Super Sons are lost in deep space. They’re also outnumbered, which means the odds of getting home safe have all gone out of the airlock.
There’s no need to adjust your eyes, readers, there are indeed two Superboys aboard. Robin has simply named them Blue and Red. Truly great work on Barberi and colorist Bob Leigh for making them both distinct in hue and mannerisms. The sudden splitting of Superboy gives the Super Sons all the time they need to make the daring jump for freedom they need.
We readers get to see double in this issue. Superboy spends a big chunk of the story, talking smack to Superboy. Now, I’m familiar with indecisiveness and feeling conflicted, but this certainly takes it to another level. Blue Superboy and Red Superboy nearly come to blows with each other and Robin is forced to keep the peace between the two of them, which is both funny and gives Robin the chance to consider his family planning future.

Mirror Mockery

It’s a real credit to Tomasi to show the change in both the Superboys’ attitudes through the issue. If anyone ever feels conflicted or unsure, or that there’s a big problem and you’re in your own way, just know a young man with godly power was able to literally get past himself and prevent a real disaster. That’s the real uplifting message of this light, but engaging series.
Tomasi calling the series the Action Detectives is still so funny to me. I’ve talked before about the title, and how it’s a little gluing of their father’s origin series stuck together. It’s very fitting for them, fighting baddies that look a lot like their dad’s villains is a great way to start their grand heroic partnership.


The storyline, though an engaging one when you think of the questions regarding the villainous kids, is dragging a little for my tastes. Yes the heroes facing the challenge of putting Superboy back together and them gaining unexpected help is a welcome change, but I need an upped sense of the stakes. I love this series so far, but I need something truly dangerous to root for or hope to avoid, and I don’t know if I see one coming.
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment
(This review was originally published on the Dark Knight News Website on October 3rd 2018)


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