Review: Batgirl #24

Writer: Shawn Aldridge
Artist: Scott Godlewski
Review by Philip Clark

All life boils down to are the choices we make. Bad or good, everyone makes choices. Sometimes those decisions aren’t made in the right state of mind. There are times where we make what we think to be the right choice, but end up being the complete opposite.
Writer, Shawn Aldridge produces a gripping issue of Batgirl this week. Writing a story that is, as usual with Batgirl, thought provoking and emotional. Barbara is, quite simply put, an absolute gem of a character. She shines brightly in her own title, especially in this issue.

Too many choices

I simply love how Barbara can go from being the snarky, confident Batgirl to the warm and sensitive Barbara Gordon. The character of Barbara Gordon is a complex one and is written as such. She beats down on the criminals that deserve it. Then gives a heart to heart to those who need it. She’s a friend, a daughter, a genius and a crime fighter all in one.
Aldridge manages to capture all of these sides to Barbara’s personality in one spectacular issue.
This was a great read, and incredibly pretty to look at. Aldridge and Godlewski have done a fantastic job at bring Batgirl to life on the page. Aldridge manages to portray a heart-felt, bad ass Batgirl that really manages to empathise with the villain. Everything about this issue is great.


I would quite happily read a continuation of this story arc. I’d love for Aldridge to have a lengthy run on Batgirl.
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment
(This review was originally published on the Dark Knight News website on June 28th 2018)


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