Review: Catwoman #5

“Copycats” – Part Five
Writer: Joëlle Jones
Artists: Joëlle Jones & Laura Allred
Review by Adam Ray

The Copycats storyline is heating up. Tension has been building, leading to the beginning of a real confrontation. We saw Catwoman in issue four seeing the doctors where her sister resides. Across town, we witness just how vicious Raina Creel is as we see exactly what she did to her husband, the governor. The issue perfectly sandwiches two great moments of tension. The situations that both women find themselves in will have major implications going forward. This is the strongest issue in the series so far.
The opening scenes do a lot for us. We get two tense stories running parallel. Jones brings us the viciousness of both Kyle and Creel. It’s so interesting to see the protagonist and antagonist act ferociously, but with completely different motivations. Selina is protecting her sister. Raina is protecting herself. Catwoman has spent a lot of time being a thorn in the side of heroes, and these anti-heroic acts are welcome in her own series. It also shows that, sure, maybe she can appear villainous, but she’s definitely doing the right thing compared to others.

Dwell on the Past

We get a real sense of what comforts Catwoman. In this issue, she reflects on someone she left behind. I would say it’s the most sincere vision of Catwoman out there. This issue is truly packed.
We, as readers, get a lot of questions answered from the Copycats storyline. We learn just how insidious “Substance” is and how serious the Creels intentions are.


Joëlle Jones and Laura Allred are really doing some terrific work. This is the issue I have been waiting for in this series. Tensions are mounting and we see Catwoman in a situation that leaves her vulnerable. I’m really looking forward to The Big Showdown.
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment
(This review was originally published on the Dark Knight News website on November 14th 2018)


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