Review: Harley Quinn #46

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]
Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: John Timms
Review by Philip Clark 
After a vacation from hell, Harley ends up on Apokolips. The perfect planet for her chaotic, wild personality. That is, were it not for the fact that she doesn’t really do too well when people try to control her. Going along with Granny Goodness’ wishes is all when and good, especially after Harley was given a sweet hammer. But when Granny wants her to do something Harley doesn’t like. Well, we all know how Harley likes doing her own thing, and that doesn’t sit too well with Granny Goodness.

This comic run is just crazy fun. Harley Quinn, on Apokolips, doing Harley Quinn things. What more could you possibly want? It’s just pure chaotic craziness, and it’s great! The colours are big and bold, just like the character the title is around. The supporting characters compliment Harley wonderfully.
Humphries and Timms have done a fantastic job with this issue, and this run in general. I love Timms’ art style, the way he draws Harley really brings her outlandish personality to life. Humphries also does an excellent job at bringing Harley to life. The way he writes the comic, it’s like I’m hearing Harley as if she’s in the room with me.
The pair do a great job at managing Harley’s personality, all aspects of her personality. I especially enjoy the way she goes from happy-go lucky to completely sincere. Everything about Harley’s character is just brilliantly portrayed by Humphries and Timms. 
Like I said in the previous review, the story just doesn’t really feel like it should be a Harley Quinn story. It feels like a story much more suited to an intergalactic character. While the story is fun and entertaining, it just doesn’t feel right with Harley at the centre of it.
Overall I am enjoying this run of Harley Quinn. I look forward to reading what kind of crazy chaos she gets up to on Apokolips. Personally, I just hope it doesn’t drag on too long, and that she gets back down to Earth.
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment
(This review was originally published on the DC Comics News website on July 21st 2018)


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