Review: Suicide Squad #34

“The Chosen One” - Part Two
Writer: Si Spurrier
Artists: Fernando Pasarin & Sean Parsons
Review by Philip Clark
Si Spurrier is back at it again, with another brilliant step into the world of Juan Soria who, quite honestly, at this point has accepted his fate. Understanding that he is inevitably going to die as a background character for a story involving a lot of the bigger players. Once he accepts his fate, things start turning around for Juan and not necessarily for the better. Still a pragmatist in everything he does, Juan stares death in the face and gets a glimpse of something that he hasn’t had for a very long time.
This is quickly cut off as the Squad need someone to act as a distraction so they can get the jump on the big alien boss mother. Knowing that his time is at an end, Juan volunteers himself as lamb to the slaughter. Walking into the alien’s lair, Juan was prepared for dying. What happened however, he was not prepared for. Spurrier does such an excellent job with the story of this mini-series, that I’d love to see him write more stuff for DC and definitely be keeping an eye out for his work from now on.

The Future Of Juan

I for one, am a massive of Juan Soria, and hope to see him play a part in Suicide Squad comics down the road. I think he’s earned at least a recurring role! I mean, depending on how it is approached, he might even be able to get his own title, so long as Spurrier remains at the helm. The character is both complex and simple, which is written and drawn in a way that really accentuates that. I just need more Juan Soria’s in my comics.


Once again, the creative team absolutely kill it with this issue. The writing and artwork match each other brilliantly, and as the conclusion to the two-parter they had taken control of, they do a fabulous job of leaving you wanting more of their work. I will be very sad to see them go.
Images Courtesy of DC Comics
(This review was originally published on the Dark Knight News website on January 27th 2018)


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