Guildmages Convene: Ravnica Allegiance Spoilers 21/12

Article by Adam Ray

We've received the final details on the Guild Mechanics this time around. The Azorius have so many tacked on details to their Instants that there's always an extra clause. We also heard the latest title of Jane Austen's newest novel.
Addendum is a literal addendum found on Instants, or possibly cards with Flash, that grant you a benefit for casting them on your main phase. Reminiscent of Return to Dust, the benefit of tapping out for certain effects have to be strong. As for this draw spell, the colour intensity on this draw spell makes the Addendum clause good in aggro matchups for a Blue/White or Esper or Jeskai decks, but I doubt Control would play this over Chemister's Insight.
Now this is interesting. A Timetwister at Instant speed is already considerably strong. The cost is steep, but in Standard, main phasing this for and hoping to draw a finisher like Niv-Mizzet, Google Chrome or Rescue Whale would be game ending... if you hadn't just given your opponent seven as well. Away from the Commander table, where this can get you a free combo piece, I do not rate a Mythic of such bulk to be tearing up a Standard table.
The cycle of Split Cards which all sound like a Jane Austen novel continues (to my joy). Each one in Guilds was strong at Uncommon and Rare, and I'm happy to get a confirmation that the cycle is returning. Jane Austen's Incubation and Incongruity is very powerful. A 1 mana, 5 card dig spell in the Incubation half would possibly resurrect Merfolk, and be the tempo play that Mono Blue or even some Bant Midrange deck could live for. Incongruity is very efficient removal for Blue/Green. Unconditional exile is seductive and the callback to Rapid Hybridization is welcome. I'd rather deal with a 3/3 than whatever it once was.

This marks all 5 Guild mechanics known about. The Azorius Addendums, Rakdos Spectacles, Orzhov Afterlife, Gruul Riots, and Simic Adaptations. We'll receive many more spoilers as we roll into the new year and you'll get full commentary on it, right here on Fantastic Universes.


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