Review: 'Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 "The Iron Throne"

"The Iron Throne"

Written and Directed by: David Benioff & D.B Weiss

Review by James Stone

After eight years and 73 episodes it's all over. The first thing I want to do is congratulate David Benioff and D.B Weiss for creating arguably the greatest TV show in history. I have never seen a programme reach such a wide audience around the world or create as much chatter, both in person and online.

I remember Lost being the first real show that sucked so many people in. The vast majority of work colleagues at the time watched it and would talk about it each week. What I've experienced with Game of Thrones completely blows Lost out of the water, in terms of audience engagement. That's how amazing this show has been. It helps having such a solid source material in the George R R Martin books, but credit's due for not just creating a live replication of the books.

This is a show that was written for and delivered by a cast of relative unknown actors. There have been many famous names attached over the course of 8 seasons, but the core cast members all had very few credits to their name prior to this show. All of them have now become household names and will move on to bigger and bigger projects, I'm sure

The direction, the sets and the action sequences that were delivered for TV were all of a cinematic standard. Yes, the show gained a reputation for high levels of nudity, but people stayed for the brilliant stories being told by engaging characters. Winning 239 awards along the way proves fans and critics love this show. (Figures as listed on Wikipedia 20/05/19)

Social media gave everyone a voice and the majority of people have chosen to use it. Some people use it for good to praise and engage with the show and its cast. Some people chose to use it to be negative and throw criticism and hatred towards the show. This final season has possibly seen more hatred than any of its predecessors, I hope that's just due to the sorrow of the show ending.

This final season may not have gone the way many people wanted it to, but I can honestly say this show deserves no criticism whatsoever, in my honest opinion. David Benioff & D.B Weiss had a vision and a story to tell, and did that brilliantly.

'The Iron Throne' didn't give us the action we have been used to, however, I loved that it gave us a satisfying ending. All the major characters got their own conclusion that complimented the journeys we've been on with them. The show tied up all the loose ends while still leaving enough story open to possibly be continued in the future. Is this how I would have ended the show? Not exactly, but there many elements to the finale that I enjoyed with John, Sansa and Arya's end to the story. The finale pleased me very much and I couldn't have written it better.

The stand out performer this week, who will surely win another Emmy Award, is Peter Dinklage. With 3 or 4 lengthy monologues this week he delivered every one to perfection. The character who appeared in more episodes than anyone else and, as he once said, "Should have died a long time ago" proved that brains, and heart, can prevail over brawn.

Is this the end of Game of Thrones? I seriously doubt it. When a brand becomes as successful as this there is no way it gets shelved. It may take a few years before we come back to Westeros but I'm sure one day we will all be back here, watching the players play their Game of Thrones.

Plus, the prequel series is already in production. I can't wait.

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