Review: Justice League Odyssey #11

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Will Conrad
Color Artists: Ivan Plascencia & Pete Pantazis
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Review by James Stone
This series has been a surprise hit for me. I unexpectedly found the first 10 issues to be fun, action packed adventures. “Sepulkore” in Justice League Odyssey #11 fills in many story gaps, showing us that a conclusion is in sight.
There was a lot to read in this issue and almost felt too much at times. Large parts of it were necessary to where we appear to be going with the story. It was a shame there wasn’t a little bit more going on.
The relationship between Cyborg and Darkseid is very interesting to watch develop and will play heavily in the next few issues. Darkseid is the all powerful New God, but it’s the way he manipulates people with his words that doesn’t get enough credit. Even though this was a very dialogue heavy issue Dan Abnett did a great job building up the tension and drip feeding us on our way to the final climax.


Not my favourite issue of the series. Lots of dialogue and a little too much standing around bickering by our heroes. Issue #10 gave us a menacing final panel with the arrival of Darkseid and I don’t feel Justice League Odyssey #11 managed to follow this up and felt slightly anti-climatic. All this being said it was an essential issue that will help build the platform for the next arc in the story. The final image is enough to make me come back for issue #12.

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment


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