Review: Batman Universe #2

"Batman Universe" #2
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Nick Derington
Color Artist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Josh Reed
Review by Steve J. Ray

Batman Universe #2 continues the super fun rollercoaster ride that started in issue #1.

The book is chock full of action, adventure and crazy one-liners. In these 24 pages we get a silent but deadly gas attack, a Riddler than can’t riddle, telepathic gorillas, and a wonderful tip of the hat to a graphic novel that I’d almost completely forgotten about.
Oh, and Batman answers a question with the immortal words:
I’m Batman
I couldn’t be happier.
While I may not be completely enamoured with Brian Bendis’ work on the Superman books, I’m thoroughly enjoying his Young Justice series and am head over heels in love with Batman Universe. It’s clear that Mr. Bendis is cutting loose with this story; using his favorite characters, showing how much of a fan he is, and generally just having a great time. Hey, I’m all for it… because I’m having fun too.
We got Deathstroke last month, and a great cliffhanger intro to Green Arrow too. Ollie’s back in this issue and he has Batman all a quiver. One could even say that these stories proved to be a fairly Arrowing experience for both heroes.
I’m sorry… I’ll stop now.

Digital Justice

One thing I never want to stop, is seeing Nick Derington draw Batman. While the pages DC have provided to accompany this review are gorgeous, you need to go out and buy this book for two outstanding splash pages; one which has Batman surveying an incredible panorama, whilst standing on top of the latest Batwing, and the other with him bounding over the rooftops of a city that “Humans don’t deserve.” It really is lovely stuff.
Oh, and eagle-eyed readers will spot that Batman’s mission gear is a wonderful tribute to the computer generated graphic novel Batman: Digital Justice, a book which is five years older than my son. Please excuse me, I need to sit down and process that information.

Brit Wit And Color Commentary

Dave Stewart’s colors beautifully enhance Derington’s art, without taking attention away from it, while also setting the tone and mood for every scene perfectly.
Josh Reed must have been giggling to himself like crazy whilst lettering this issue, because I was laughing out loud reading it! Reed’s brilliant coms speech lettering for Alfred and the Bat-Computer in this issue is fantastic, particularly because Mr. Pennyworth’s wit and sarcasm are legendary.
Bat-Computer: The results of your requested brain scan are complete. There is no sign of trauma or brain damage of any kind
Alfred: Which, I won’t lie to you, sir, surprised me to no end.
Batman: So whatever the radiation did to scramble our brain-wave patterns…
Alfred: It was seemingly not permanent. Did the brain-wave abnormality happen to give you a sudden sense of paternal instinct, or the desire for a normal life? Maybe settle down and have some children you don’t train in the martial arts?
All the while Batman keeps talking, attempting to ignore his faithful factotum’s comments. I love it.


Batman Universe #2 is magic. The cliffhanger ending this month gives readers a real indicator as to why this series has “universe” in the title. We leave Batman on a wing and a prayer, and with the knowledge that he’ll be facing a Savage foe in issues to come.
I’ve got my ticket, have you?
Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment


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